Thursday, March 10, 2011

March in the Shop

Just a few photos this evening showing some of the new stock in the shop....

An old gloss painted table - ideal for a conservatory.

An old painted ladder...

Perfect as a towel rail.

I later hung a pair of Victorian lady's cotton bloomers from it, to be seen from the window...
Hope that's not too risqué for Shepton! ;-))


I've taken delivery of 5kgs of dried lavender this week...I've started bagging some of it up for sale, and the rest will be used in my handmade sachets.


A bunch of sweetly scented flowers from Julia - Thank you!

Sewing corner.

And some of my latest makes, including this little baby gown, can be seen on my other blog here.
I need to take a blogging break now until early next week, as I have lots of things going on at home and at work.
Hope you have a lovely weekend - Look after yourselves,
Niki x


  1. I love old sets of ladders as towel rails, repurposing is so much quirkier and more fun! Your shop must smell beautiful given all the lavender kicking around!

    Jem xXx

  2. That baby gown is beautiful. Oh, to be talented with needle and thread. Have a good break from blogging!

  3. ahhh you're killing me Nikki! I love that little white table with primroses under it and the ladder with linens!!!

  4. Such lovely things, crazy about that painted ladder. Sea Witch

  5. What a beautiful ladder display - love that colour green - those linens are so lovely! And what an adorable baby gown - you are so gifted! So nice to see that lovely painting in your new frame on display in the shop too - I'm sure it won't last long! Hope you enjoy your break and achieve all you need to get done. God bless, Brenda (PS We so much enjoyed reading all about the Turn Back Time Series on your blog, and were SO excited to see it here in Autralia, and especially glad that we didn't have to wait too long for it to come out here!)

  6. Lol, I can see your knickers in the window, Niki!
    Would love to take a tour in your shop and buy from the sewing corner. Lovely, as always.

  7. Hi Niki

    I totally understand having to have a break from blogging. I find it hard juggling it all! There really are not enough hours in the day to fit it all in comfortably. Something has to give...
    The shop is looking beautiful as ever!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  8. What a cute looking baby dress! I love it!

  9. love, love, love all your display ideas! jennyx

  10. oooh Niki, would love a rummage in 'sewing corner!'. Hope you're ok, love Sue (Rags and Roses Vintage) xx


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