Saturday, March 05, 2011

Vintage Jumble Fun

Thanks to Michele and Jayne for organising such a fun Vintage Jumble Sale today! Rangeworthy Village Hall saw a collection of tables set with some fantastic vintage and antique goods for sale...all at bargain prices...But one man's (or woman's!) tat, is another man's treasure...And treasures there were...
But you had to be quick! The crowds that arrived as the doors opened at a very civilised 11 am, meant that bargain hunting was a bit fast and furious...but great fun. It was lovely to see all stall holders selling plenty; all of whom had entered into the spirit of offering little gems at bargain prices as a way to clear the way to buy fresher pieces for their website's, shops or fairs.

Whilst I was behind my stall, I had a couple of phone calls from my hubby, who was manning my shop for me - I would like to thank the two ladies who visited Nostalgia at No.1 today and bought the two items below from my windows...It left hubby in a panic as to what to replace them lets just say an artistic flair is not something he was blessed with! ;-))
Awww...I am grateful for his help though and he did do his best - I know I couldn't do his job! ;-))
Anyway, back to the jumble. I wasn't really in my usual blogging frame of mind and I forgot to take photos of the stalls before we opened... :(
All that I could do, once I did give it some thought, was to take a few close ups of items that were left half way through the day...
Hopefully they give a feel of the day and the sorts of things available...
This was no ordinary jumble sale, you know! Many of the stalls would not have looked out of place at a vintage fair.

If you visited, I hope that you had a lovely time and went home with some bargains.
For me I had fun chatting with Lucy, who was next to me in the hall, and I got to meet for the first time, several more blogging ladies.
Jo made the long trip to be at the fair, even though she will be attending another fair tomorrow in Manchester...There's dedication for you. She's such a happy lady too, which I knew she would be. (I bought a fabulous Victorian tobacco jar and pansy brooch from Jo, which I will show at the end of this post)
So that was my quick round up of some of the stalls...sorry not to have linked them to everyone's blog, but, after a rather less-than-perfect week (don't worry, I won't bore you with the details!), this is all I can manage.
Thanks again to Michele and Jayne for such a fun day. x
Here are my purchases.
I bought the French fabric covered box from Lucy...
An unused bottle of English lavender water and the sweet pansy brooch that I mentioned.

Two embroideries that will be incorporated into cushions or bags...
This stunning original portrait painting...
And a close-up of the Victorian tobacco jar.

Hope you've had a lovely day,
Niki x


  1. What lovely items you found at the sale - love that little pansy brooch.

  2. Glad you had such a good day, Niki. And well done Dave for manning the shop!! Speak soon ...


  3. It was so lovely to finally meet you yesterday Niki, everyone had such a fabulous day, and what a great atmosphere. Andy and I are going to be shattered Sunday evening but it will be worth it. Take care and thank you for the lovely mention.
    Jo xx

  4. You are quick off the blogging mark Niki!
    It was a super day & everyone had a lot of fun - thanks for being part of it & well done to hubby for holding the Nostalgia fort while you were with us.


  5. Wish I could have go there
    Julie xxxxx

  6. So wish I could have been there - it all looks so tempting! I especially love the portrait you bought, and the garden embroideries which will look even more stunning once you've woven your magic over them!

  7. Hi Niki
    Thank you for taking some fabulous shots to capture the atmosphere of the day. I must have had my blinkers on as I didn't see your fabulous painting bargain.. It was good to see you again and I do hope life settles down again soon for you.
    Michele x

  8. It was a great day, wasn't it? I (very dozily!!) didn't realise you were the famous Niki from Nostalgia - a belated hello!! Lovely shop; lovely blog! Abby x

  9. this is my idea of heaven! how wonderful!

  10. This looks like a fantastic event, I would have loved a rummage around those stalls!!

  11. You've captured the flavour of the day perfectly Niki - thanks for the mention, it was lovely being neighbours with you and I'm thrilled with my purchases (just wish I'd bought more!)
    Lucy x

  12. Lovely to meet you - it was a super day! Thank you again for that lovely poster - it was so kind of you!
    I've just blogged some of my buys (including Tiger Tim!).
    Looks like you got some great stuff too...

  13. It was a lovely day wasn't it. Well done to Dave for manning your shop. I hope you both had a lovely restful Sunday together. xx

  14. Anonymous9:57 am

    Hi Niki,
    Just to say nice to meet you at the Vintage Sale-my first time as a seller and loved it! I am definitely coming to your shop soon!

  15. Hi Niki, thank you for your comment.. looks like the next one is August 13th,,, hoorah!

  16. Awwww looks like a joy.....I'd have had everything please! Lovely pictures....
    Nattie x


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