Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shopping, Recycling, Work and Play.

Just back from the local antiques fair and have dumped my finds on the living room floor. I had to get on with cooking the family's roast dinner, but managed to take a few photos in between peeling potatoes and preparing veg!
I was quite surprised at what I was able to come home with, considering this was the third day of three. The pink satin shoes are for my collection and will join the others, as seen at the end of this post.

I don't really have time to add details of all my finds - (I started writing this post on Friday and just slotted this bit in at the top!) - I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos of though.
Friday's mutterings!: This relatively new hat box was amongst the items that I purchased from the recent house clearance. It was of good sturdy construction, but I wasn't keen on the finish of it, which was glossy and not vintage looking. Always keen to recycle my finds, I thought I'd make it one of my projects for this week...(edit: Last week!)

I used some pages from one of my old and tatty music books. I often use sheet music to wrap gifts for friends and love how it looks. Sometimes I prefer the title pages to the music itself.

I pasted the pages around the box and covered the lid with the title page.
I thought the title of this piece of music very appropriate for March...

I replaced the nylon carrying cord with some antique lace.

And painted the inside of the box with cream paint.

It now has a much more antique look to it and will be an ideal piece to display items on a stall at the fairs I shall be attending. I've also been working on some antique photo collages, but these are a work in progress.
At the shop, I added some Sanderson fabric to the back of this glazed cabinet, as well as the hand crochet lace pinned along the shelves.

I had a large collection of vintage mother-of-pearl buttons; far more than I would ever get through on my own projects...So I've been stitching them to swing labels to sell as gift tags or for use in crafts.
There's quite a pile now, waiting to be sold.
And talking of gifts, Mothering Sunday falls at the beginning of April this year, so there's been time for a little bit of faffing! - I changed the display on my notice board to promote this next date in the calendar.

That's it for now - Hope you've enjoyed some sunshine this weekend,
Niki x


  1. What beautiful finds! Looks like you had a wonderful time at the Antiques Fair! I love what you did with the hat box - a huge improvement! I like to use old sheet music to wrap gifts also, and I also like to use old maps - can just add that little more interest sometimes! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos!
    God bless, Brenda

  2. Oh, I do like looking at your blog and seeing the latest makeover. That hat box would have passed me by - it now looks fab-u-lous!

  3. Some absolutely gorgeous finds, Niki!! I also love your sheet music hatbox - sheet music is just so gorgeous full stop isn't it? Your Mother's Day noticeboard is stunning!

    Jem xXx

  4. The hat box is a class act now - beautiful! I love looking at all the lovely things you create - thank you!

  5. Hi Niki, Thank you for your comment on the blog. Love the look of those Shepton finds this weekend! If you click on the pic of the hat trimmings, you will see close - up what they look like.... if you would like to see them, I can meet you in Bath on Sunday?? Liz x

  6. "Lovely Spring" indeed! And lovely blog! I keep pestering the fella to take me to shepton mallet for a weekend...mostly to visit your shop! I'm itching to puruse your shelves!


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