Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Grandfather.

Hubby and I are just back from an overnight stay in Dorset, which was our wedding anniversary treat. I shall add a few photos to my blog when I have time, but having just got back, there is lots to do at home...
Just to follow on from my previous post though, about the old sewing machines - I'd like to quickly share with you this lovely photograph and an email that came with it from my Mum...
"Reading your blog today reminded me that my grandfather used to be a machine mechanic for all the sewing machines at the 'Polyflinders' factory where they made aprons. The picture shows him outside the factory in old Hemel Hempstead, with the entrance to Gadebridge park behind him."
Isn't it a fab photo? - Thanks Mum!
Niki x


  1. Wonderful photograph! So (or should that be sew?! ha ha) evocative of the time.

  2. Hope you had a lovely time away! It is our 2 year 'anniversary' today :D

    Love the photo!!

    Kay xxx

  3. It is a great photo not just of your great grandad but also the horse, the bikes and just the one old car.
    Carol xx

  4. I've recently inherited all the old family photos and am having great fun looking through them all. Your greatgranddad looks very dapper.


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