Monday, March 21, 2011

Gardening Matters...

Despite me totally neglecting our garden last year (due to lack of time/hubby's back problems/and other commitments) it was good to see that mother nature had coped very well without my intervention, and had done her usual trick in March of announcing spring with a trumpeting of daffodils and a 'fireworks' display of forsythia blossoms.

There was a lot of work to be done on my part though, tidying up and taking away all of last year's growth that was still stood brown and brittle in the borders.
Last year we had to have this boundary fence put up...Not something I am particularly enamoured with, as I'm not keen on well defined lines, preferring wild and woolly growth to disguise them, but needs must on this occasion. I am planning a whole new flower border along this side of the garden and hope, in time, to hide the fence behind climbers and rambling roses.
So this is what faced me this morning. I've sadly lost several of my penstemons this year to the bitterly cold and snowy winter - So these needed to be dug up and all of last years dead stems needed to be cut back and taken away.
So, after a couple of hours of digging and snipping, the garden looked like this..

I always think that this border looks a little like Steptoe's Yard, at this time of year, with my assorted 'junk' taking the place of plants...
But hopefully in a month or two it will be looking a little more like this (taken in May last year)...

Or later still...the promise of high summer and the bounty that July and August will bring...
I am promising myself more gardening time this year, even if just an odd hour every week will hopefully help to get things back on track and I'll create the garden look that I love again.

So much to look forward to...
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Isn't it lovely to see a thriving border - those Summer photos with lupins and foxgloves look lovely. I think that we too have lost our pestemones - that cold weather got to them. It allows you to go to markets and garden centres to look for new inspiration though! Have a good week.

  2. What a lovely garden you have - and all those extra "bits" just add interest - can't wait to see it in full bloom! We've just come in to Autumn here, so I shall enjoy dipping into Spring through your lovely pictures! God bless, Brenda

  3. It's lovely to see green grass and something growing:)

  4. Gardens at this time of year are always full of hope and promiseas they are beginning to wake again. Your summer garden looks absolutely stunning, full of lovely cottagey flowers.


  5. Your garden is my wish! I love foxgloves and all your plants growing in close proximaty to wonderful old rusy "Niki nakies". It's super!


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