Monday, September 19, 2011

Fabric Finds

Not much to report on my blog at the moment...So I thought I'd do a short post to show some of the latest treasures that I've found at two of my local haunts...
A whole bolt of unused Grafton fabric - A gorgeous linen with bold rose design. (There are two pairs of unused curtains with it too!)
AND an unused bolt of red floral linen.
A sweet pair of cottage curtains in a rose printed chintz.

And a selection of rare French fabrics...

Lots of pretty designs in the typical French colour palette.

A few 'smalls', including shoe trims, and a pair of rose printed pillowcases...
Glass jar full of lovely mother-of-pearl beads and buttons. Some dainty chandelier drops to make Christmas decorations...

A whole collection of c1940's early plastic handmade brooches...

Barbola mirror and brooch, c1930's calendar, and two handmade woolly doggies!

I've also bought several boxes full of vintage hand embroidered linens...
So the laundry and ironing marathon begins today!

Have a lovely week,
Niki x


  1. beautiful fabrics and patterns niki,
    i so admire and sit here in delight when i see all the vintage lovelies- treasures and fabrics! x

  2. Hi Niki

    You have found a lot of beautiful things! I like the little brooches. The little dogs are very sweet.I miss my visits to your shop! It's about time I found time to go and visit it again :-)
    Isabelle x

  3. Anonymous11:01 am

    Hi Niki,
    Beautiful fabrics! love turquoise bows and pink flowers together and really love looking at the stocked shelves in your shop,so full of pretty things,
    Love Krissie x

  4. Best of all I love those plastic brooches, such gorgeous colours.

    Floral fabrics are so pretty aren't they- not a pattern that I use at home for furnishing but I really appreciate seeing them, and I have a stack in my linen cupboard to take out and stroke when I feel the urge!

    Have a good week Nikki, and thanks for the kind comments you left on my blog

  5. Wonderful fabrics, great finds.
    Carol xx

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  7. Hello Nikki,
    I love the floral fabrics, such a treat to see them. As always it's such a pleasure to see all the things you find. I hope you have a happy week. Jane x

  8. Love the red rose fabric Niki. I'm moving soon - to Gillingham, near Shaftesbury - Hoorah!


  9. A fantastic find, so many treasures they are wonderful. Sue x


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