Monday, September 05, 2011

Two go to Tenby

Just back from a few days away with my hubby...We took ourselves off (whilst our youngest was visiting friends) and stayed in a lovely hotel overlooking the beautiful green flag beaches of Tenby, SW Wales.
I haven't visited the area since I was a child and so it was nice to do it from a grown- ups perspective this time!

The first day we visited Caldey Island, which involves a 20 minute boat trip across the sea.
Caldey Island is home to 16 monks, who live in the Abbey there.

Its a very tranquil place and perfect for getting away from it all.

We spent most of the day walking and enjoyed the peace and quiet and wonderful views.

When we walked back to the jetty to catch the boat back again, the tide had gone out, so we had to board this beast to take us out to sea and to the boat waiting in deeper water!
An experience!

The next morning we drove up to St. Davids to visit the Cathedral and Bishop's Palace.
It was such a beautiful day, so to make the most of the sunshine we took the scenic route back along the estuaries and were very lucky to stumble upon the lovely village of Solva.
Again, the tide was out, so we were able to walk along the riverbed amongst the high and dry boats anchored along it, until we came to the most stunning beach at its mouth.

Back on Solva's high street we saw a poster for a traditional woollen mill, which it said was a short distance from the centre.
Its a very tiny mill, but has some very prestigious customers including Prince Charles, Llwynywormwood Estate and also Vanessa Arbuthnott Fabrics. When we visited, the looms were clicking away on a bespoke design for Toast.

Our short break away was rounded off with a visit to Carew Castle and Tidal Mill. We also called in to a rather lovely vintage emporium on our way home, but I've run out of time this evening, so will try to add some more photos later...
I had changed my blog settings to the new editor, that Blogger recommended, but I found it impossible to format my post in the same way I was used to and ended up deleting what I had managed to upload...Grrrr! Very it me, or have others had issues with the new system?
Niki x


  1. Anonymous9:11 pm

    What a fabulous place and wonderful pictures as always,can't wait to see the pictures from the emporium...i have kept my settings the same Niki as i heard it is a bit of a nightmare,i hope someone can shed some light,

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Wales. It's a lovely way to see places on the otherside of the world. from Jenny (Melbourne, Australia)

  3. It all looks so get to visit castles and beaches and lovely places!! Wow...
    Texas is ok, but it's not England!! We might have Cowboy boots and Hot Sauce, but castles???
    I haven't had the nerve to try the new blogger and don't intend to now that I've seen all the problems people are having. Why do they change a good thing??
    Glad you had a good time.
    Blessings, Doni

  4. Hi Niki.
    Very beautiful these images.
    We have never been in Wales, but next time we'll be back in England, you have given us a good idea for our journey! ;o))
    Good job now ...and a dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  5. Yes I had trouble with the new blogger interface - it locked me out of my blog for days! I wrote about it here:

    Anyway, lovely photos. I read another blog yesterday that posted piccies of that part of England and commented how much I'd like to see the West bits. Your post has done the same for me. :)

    Looks so beautiful - and interesting.

  6. Hi Niki,
    Such lovely photographs of your holiday. I have been thinking of taking a trip to that area of Wales... and now I'm even more tempted!
    I'm glad you had a happy time.
    Jane X

  7. I love Wales but I have never been to the part that you visited. Lovely pictures:)

  8. What a lovely trip you have had. We keep promising ourselves a visit to Tenby. I am fed up with Blogger too - having problems uploading photos, leaving comments etc. M x


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