Friday, September 30, 2011

On the Wagon

I found these two gorgeous images of gypsy caravans on this blog post. The wonderful 'anything goes' attitude towards filling such a tiny living space with sumptuous soft furnishings, colour and texture, may not adhere to any so-called interior design rules, but I just I love this look.
Whilst most of the walls in our home are painted white or soft pastels, I do embrace colour in the accessories and vintage treasures that I love to collect, such as my 50's floral hats crammed into a glazed cupboard in our living room.
And my scrap books that I told about on my blog here, where I save images from magazines that speak to me, show a love of colour, fabrics and those special little treasures vintage or handmade.
There is a large variety of decorating styles that appeal to me...
I really do find it hard to chose just one look and to stick with it...
And just recently I have become a little, (dare I say it?), bored, with the pared-down white interiors with 'tasteful' rustic linens and faded florals....Given the doom and gloom that the media seems intent on reporting most of the time...I feel a need for colour right now to give a bit more cheer and warmth to my surroundings.
It may just be a phase...but we'll see... ;-))
My shop continues to have more than its fair share of colourful objects too, for those on a similar wavelength!
...Anyway, all of this waffling is my way of telling you about where the inspiration came from for my latest make-over project, which was this rather plain little cupboard given to me by a friend who thought I might be able to do something with it.
Its been made from hardboard on a wooden frame, (and has three little hardboard shelves inside) so really needed a makeover.
Anyone who has painted hardboard will know that it is prone to warping when wet, so unless you can thoroughly paint both sides to reduce this risk, it can be a bit of a gamble.
Besides, I had other plans...
I started by painting the wooden frame in a vibrant pink emulsion that I mixed myself.
Yes, I know its bright! :)
I waxed the surface to knock the colour back a little and to protect the paintwork.
Then the fun bit! I found this amazing vintage wallpaper at a car boot sale over the summer. I don't know the make of it, as it was just this half-roll that was available, but it has a very useful wipe-clean finish (almost like sticky-backed plastic) and a fantastic gypsy style design.
The smooth finish of the hardboard made the task of covering it quite straightforward. I used the paper on both of the sides, on the top and for the two door panels.
I realise this won't be to everyone's taste, but it was fun to do and will surely bring a cheerful accent to a boudoir, bathroom or gypsy wagon!
A touch of black in an interior can work wonders to create depth and contrast...
But probably needs to be used in moderation...
I put my black china tea cups down somewhere, but now can't seem to find them...
You haven't seen them, have you?! ;-))
I added a small porcelain door knob...
Then it was off to the shop with it yesterday, where it now awaits a new owner who also embraces a touch of colour in their life.
Have a lovely weekend!
Niki x
PS: Thank you to all who visited my on-line shop and for your interest in my calendars (details in previous post) - Your continued support means so much to me. I've started to dispatch orders, so hope you will be pleased with your purchases and will enjoy your new calendars throughout 2012!


  1. Fabulous makeover, I do agree, ban the beige and bring back colour!
    Carol xx

  2. Anonymous7:41 pm

    nice pics

  3. Anonymous8:21 pm

    It's amazing to switch on my laptop here in the lee of the Malvern Hills, in our caravan - participating at a new Caravan Show, and to see your images of a gypsy caravan. Thankyou so much for posting the images.

  4. Lovely caravan and another super make-over!

  5. Great do over isnt it fun to make cugly things just plain beautiful?

  6. Hi Niki, how wonderful these last two posts!
    The notebook with pictures cut from newspapers of furniture (I have many) is a great idea ...
    I think I'll do it myself.
    When we return to England, I hope that the calendar is still there, very nice!
    I wish you a good weekend, Maria.
    (with translator)

  7. Nikki, I love the caravan photos and have always had a secret yearning to have a proper 'boudoir'! The little cupboard is great,you are very cleber, it's such fun revitalising things. I painted a chest of drawers emerald green and so loved it! Jane x

  8. Anonymous9:04 am

    the caravan looks like magnolia pearl which I love have you seen her books?.Its nice to have a change and take different things you love from inspiring places and images and adapt it to fit in with you.
    Love your make over on the cupboard
    have a nice weekend
    xx fee

  9. The cupboard is very much to my taste Nikki, I absolutely adore colour!

    I went to see a friend's new home last week (ecclectically furnished on a budget) and her bathroom was fab- again, not to everyone's taste- she's bought all odd coloured items, blue bath, maroon basin, yellow toilet with avocado cistern and somehow it just made you smile when you walked in...and she said it cost the sum total of £6.50 for the whole lot!

  10. That cabinet makeover is just so sweet! That deserves a home in an ornate gypsy wagon.

  11. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Hi Niki,
    Ooooh love your makeover,its a lovely cheery,happy piece!
    Your china tea cups are beautiful and your scrap book pages well i could live in anyone of those lovely pictures,i have tried to to go all white,well in my head but every time i am out shopping i come i have a bag full of rosey china or fabric and like you find it very hard to stick to one style,i think our cottage is going to be a real mix when it is finished,
    I will be placing my calender order soon Niki x

  12. I think bright colours are fab.That cupboard is a stunner! xx

  13. I love that, it's really my style, black with anything... I'm amazed those cups are the same pattern as the wallpaper, did you find them both together?

  14. Hi Carla,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Pure coincidence! - I already owned the tea cups...then along came the fabulous wallpaper one day...

    Good luck with your audition - Hope its a Yes, you CAN be our villain!!
    Niki x

  15. I love the "chest" or whatever it is, little cupboard that you refinished. Its awesome. What a great idea, so talented.


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