Monday, September 12, 2011

Patchwork for a Princess (or a Prince!)

A recent purchase for the shop is this fabulous traditional hand stitched hexagon patchwork bedspread. The mostly 1970's cotton prints in vibrant colours, make it a very jolly piece.

I was trying to judge the size of it before offering it for sale...The hexagons have been hand stitched onto a pure white cotton sheet. Here it is shown on a 4' double bed, with the sheet touching the ground...So I think it would easily fit a standard double, as well as a king-size bed.

Ideal for making a statement in an otherwise plain room.

I've always found that children love patchwork items...They take great joy in looking at all the designs amongst the fabrics, choosing favourites and also those they're not so keen on...

Using cafe clips to hang it, the top edge could be folded over and the quilt utilised as a curtain in a child's room. Perfect for keeping out the winter draughts...

Then in the summer, it could be taken down from the door or window, and used as a picnic blanket. The cotton fabrics make it easy to launder.

I've priced it at ***** - Great value for money when you consider all the work someone has lavished upon it...and its a one-of-a-kind too!
Thank you for your interest - The bedspread is now reserved.

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  1. Anonymous9:47 pm

    It looks perfect in your room Niki and reminds me so much of being young and snuggled up,love the colour of the walls in this room so much,

  2. That is a beauty, I am sure that it will be snapped up very soon! Liz x

  3. I have two of those quilts up in the loft that I made in the 70's.It made me feel quite nostalgic(and old!) looking at your quilt.

  4. ooo it's lovely. And a reasonable price too!

  5. Anonymous7:32 am

    its lovely and I like your pink painted furniture too
    xx fee

  6. Hi Niki

    Gorgeous patchwork quilt!
    If it hasn't sold yet, could you put it aside for me please? I will come down during this week if it hasn't sold yet...
    Thank you
    Isabelle x

  7. So lovely and I adore the idea of those stitched hexagon patchwork. Great bed and so inviting! This is fit for my bed at my new condo. :)

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