Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Happy Days

The very aptly named Happy Days vintage home store and artisan market was a place I had wanted to visit after seeing an advert in Homes & Antiques Magazine. Lucky for me, hubby was happy(!) to make the detour on our way home from Tenby :) Located in the bustling town of Cowbridge, it offers a wonderful selection of vintage homewares and painted furniture arranged in pretty room settings. The stock also includes handmade products by local makers and artists.
An added draw is the tea room with mismatched table and chairs, and mismatched china too, of course!

Fabulous! Just the kind of place I would like to run one day!...
So whilst sipping a hot cuppa, and with 40's music softly playing, we sat quietly taking it all in.
The old tea pot (with the most perfect pour, I might add) was exactly the same as the one my Nan always used; so very nostalgic for me.
I did take home a souvenir of the holiday...
This pretty decorated box, with forget-me-not lid and fabric lining.

AND I couldn't resist this teeny mouse brooch...

You see, many years ago when I was a little girl, and whilst holidaying on the Norfolk Broads one year, I took a shine to a similar little handmade felt mouse. I remember her costing me all of my pocket money, but I had fallen in love with her and knew I would always treasure her...And here she is; standing at just 4.5cm tall, its lucky she's never been lost. (I've always adored turquoise and pink! ;-)) ...and now she has a little friend!
Happy Days!
Niki x


  1. Well worth the detour Niki. Love your mouse. I remember having a white mouse brooch, went to Stratford on Avon with the school to see a play, lost my lovely brooch.
    Carol xx

  2. omigoodness! That tearoom is exactly the one i dream of running some day!!

  3. Two very cute mouslings which is more than I can say for me - discovered two - luckily dead - mice in the house over the week-end!
    Loved your post on Tenby - this was where used to holiday with my parents in the 1970's - very nostalgic. Did you visit Naberth - a very pretty town with lovely shops!

  4. Anonymous9:29 pm

    What a fab place Niki,i would be in heaven.

    I am in love with your mice so very sweet and the colours are perfect...the pretty decorated box is lovely,i just covered a hat box that i am going to post about this week.
    Krissie xxx

  5. Your husband must be very understanding to make a detour for you to visit such a pretty shop. I love to visit antique & patchwork shops and my dear hubby stands outside & tells me I have 10 mins to shop!
    PS. Where would the name Cowbridge for a town come from??

  6. Hi Niki

    That does look like a lovely shop! Another one to add to my list of places to visit. Tenby looks nice, I have never been there.
    How wonderful for your mouse to have a new friend :-)
    Isabelle x

  7. what a gorgeous shop and tea rooms , it looks like somewhere i would like to have when my children are older , lovely blog too

  8. What a lovely tea room.Hope the cakes were good!I loved the photos from Pembrokeshire.We havn't been there since the children were small.We really must go again soon.Thanks for reminding me how lovely it is.

  9. Dear Niki,

    Thank you for the post about the little mouse brooch. I used to have a similar mouse, but mine wasn't a brooch. I remember its tail and whiskers!

    Your post brought back some happy memories!

  10. A teapot that pours well is a blessing. Aye, they don't make spouts like they used to. xx


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