Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nostalgia 2012

I'd been asked by several people if I intended to create a 'Nostalgia' calendar for next year - With the pressure on(!), a couple of weeks ago I set aside a whole day to take photographs, to put together a new set of 13 shots to make up the next edition.
I decided I wanted to work on a similar design to the 2010 version (below). I had receive one criticism about this design, which was that it was difficult to work out which was the right way up to the photos.
I had taken birds eye views of lots of colour-coordinated items in my collections, piled up in an (artistic!) heap, which is probably where the problem lay. Taking this on-board, this year I made sure that my arrangements had shadows to give more depth. I also used less pieces to make simpler displays.

I selected items from the treasures in my cupboards, but was careful to limit them to a theme for each month.
Millinery flowers was a pretty springtime choice, for example. I placed each collection onto one of my Scheurer fabric samples, carefully selecting a suitable colour to best show off the objects.
I also wanted to include two postcards within each photo...
So these were selected from my keepsakes that I store inside antique sheet music books and have shown on my blog back in 2008.
The postcards that I keep are all special to me and so selecting just a few to use on the calendar was difficult!
But I got there! I have now received my 1st supply of the latest Nostalgia calendar from the printers, (2nd order is in the pipeline) so I would like to offer you a preview here...
The front cover is a taste of what's to come inside - I arranged one item from of each of the twelve themes in a pleasing layout.
January: Vintage tins.
February: Decorative boxes.
March: Millinery flowers.
April: Floral hats.
May: Pretty china.
June: Buttons.
July: Perfume bottles and boxes.
August: Evening bags and purses.
September: Sewing equipment.
October: Shoes. (my favourite one!)
November: Dolls.
December: Sparkling brooches.
Each month has the glossy photograph, plus a gridded page with plenty of space to jot down important events or appointments on the appropriate dates.
I shall be offering them for sale in the catalogue of my on-line shop as from today; at the fairs I shall be attending where you can view before you buy, and at Nostalgia at No.1 too of course.
Hope you like the new colourful calendar for 2012!
I have to be off to work now, but will answer any requests or queries on my return.
Have a great day,
Niki x


  1. Oh gosh -it look incredible - - I'm over to your shop to have a peek!!!


  2. Anonymous8:15 am

    Hi Niki,
    I purchased two of your first calenders,one for me and one for mum,we loved,still love,we kept them ;) our calenders and would call each other every new month and talk about what we loved on each picture for that month,my mum lives by herself and it was another lovely way to keep the mother daughter bond strong,i will buying another two from you so we can carry on ooohhhing and ahhhhing next year,
    Enjoy the sunshine,
    Krissie xxx

  3. Oh good! I didn't manage to get one before you sold out last year so I still have the year's before (2010) on my wall. I turn it over each month so I still get to enjoy the photos.

  4. looks awesome! running to go look in your shop!
    we all need to have pretty calanders now, dont we!

  5. The photos are so fabulous! They would also make fantastic posters xxx

  6. What good use of your treasures. And you display them so well, just like you do in your shop. This is a good way to double up on your business.

  7. Hi Niki

    Was wondering if you'd be doing one this year. Can you keep me 2 please? Will hopefully get over to see you before too long! And I still think I owe you an email reply!

    Sue x


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