Thursday, December 01, 2011

Checking Up!

Yesterday I was able to tick quite a few projects from my 'to do' list...
I ventured briefly into my garden to pick some lengths of ivy and bay leaves for a display I wanted to put together at my shop today...More of that later...
Whilst I was there, I picked this rose which was happily flowering in the border...but I think frost is finally on its way, so I thought it would be safer inside :)
Then it was down to business...
I've collected a few pairs of vintage shoe stretchers over the last few weeks, which I've wanted to give a makeover to...(I've always loved decorating these old friends :) - (Here too!)
This time I used a pale pink velvet ribbon for the metal sections and assorted antique lace for the wooden pieces.
These will be on my stall at the V&H Fair.
This dresser was actually given to me by a lovely couple who visit my shop whenever they are staying in Shepton Mallet. They have always been very supportive of my small business and I feel very lucky to know them. Its not a particularly old dresser, in fact it is made from MDF, but as it had been previously painted, I thought a fresh coat would smarten it up and give it a more country feel.
I used toasted almond emulsion paint, by Crown, and gave the whole piece two generous coats. (I actually started this last Sunday.)
Whilst the second coat was drying, I covered the shelves in a cheerful gingham fabric and made a pair of curtains to fit into the door panels.
When completely dry, I set about adding a coat of tinted wax to protect the paintwork and give a more rustic look.
Lots of buffing then followed!
The shelves were put back...
And I fitted the curtains onto tension wires.
It was delivered to the shop this morning...
And dressed with suitable accessories.
I've also recently covered another set of drawers, this time using a rare antique French fabric.
(Also coming to the V&H fair - I'm going for a red and cream theme to my stall this time.)

This corner shelf unit had been in my shop in its plain pine finish for a few weeks, with little interest, so I decided to paint that as well.
It now has a distressed look, which I hope will be more appealing.
Another simple make-over was this little stool. I liked the original gloss paint on the legs, but was less impressed by the 1980's fabric on the top!

So using more of the red and cream check upholstery-weight fabric, I went for a simple country look.

Here's my 'blog profile dolly' looking very happy with the re-do's! :)

And the greenery that I mentioned at the beginning of this post...
I used it to decorate an old painted ladder that I've just bought. I placed glass cream jugs on the steps, each with a tea light inside. I shall light these tomorrow evening, when its late night Christmas shopping in Shepton Mallet.
Have a lovely evening - I hope to be back on my blog tomorrow with a post showing all the dolls and fairies that I have made for the V&H Christmas Fair which takes place on Saturday.
Niki x


  1. You've made that dresser look like a million dollars, love the gingham fabric. The tea lights will attract loads of customers to your wonderful little shop, can't wait to see the fairies, Lucey x

  2. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Hi Niki,
    the little dresser looks beautiful and i love that little stool make over it looks so cheery! the antique french fabric is stunning and it looks wonderful on the drawers,you are really super talented.
    The candles on the ladders are going to look gorgeous once its dark,it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

    ps i am so jealous i won't be in Shepton Mallet tomorrow :)


  3. i want that dresser sooooo badly!!

  4. Fantastic makeovers once again. Why is Shepton Mallet so far away!

  5. From something that was nice (the dresser)you have made something quite simply wonderful. All your makeovers are beautiful, Niki, you look at something and you not only have the vision to see what it could become but the talent to realise that vision.
    Hope the fair goes well for you.
    Carol xx

  6. Niki - my youngest son picked your name as the winner of my giveaway this afternoon! Please email me at stitchintyme9 @ aol (I've misplaced my address book when I cleaned my craft area last summer). :)

  7. Love, love, love your refurbished furniture. Did you see the rainbow under the dresser with the French fabric. All your projects have a "glow" about them. How I wish I could visit your shop one day.

  8. Niki, you're like a fairy with wand
    magic and transforms all ..... do magic!
    Best wishes for the show tomorrow .....
    as I would be there too!
    Have a nice weekend
    Susy x

  9. Dear 'I love my dogs',
    Thank you for your comment on my are very kind.
    The tiny rainbow is a reflection from the chandelier crystals that I hang at my window! I love the way they create these rainbows when the sun shines.

    Have a lovely day,


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