Thursday, November 22, 2012

Granny Chic

I've been at it again...Started some Christmas shopping on Tuesday and got tempted by something for myself in The Works, in Bath!
(Past buys include this one and this one.)
'Granny Chic' was only £5.99, so it was worth a punt...
Inside, I like how the girls decorate their homes with white walls and cheerful homemade accessories, as that is how we also like to live...its easy to add-to or change at will. 

We perhaps don't go down the retro/kitsch route quite so much in our home (I must admit that I'm not so keen on the 70's style, probably because my childhood was spent there (not that I didn't personally have a good childhood - I just don't think it was a particularly great decade in general) - in the same way, my Mum isn't keen on the typically 50's look, because she's lived through it.) I can be persuaded to think otherwise though, for instance my daughter was adamant that she wanted 70's duvet covers as tablecloths at her wedding! - They worked out brilliantly. 
Anyway, there are some lovely ideas in the book for using old lace and linens...

And it doesn't take too much imagination to substitute one style of fabric for a different one of your own taste - Say a bright floral for a faded antique textile. Its all repurposing, which is what is to be encouraged.

Shower curtain shown in Granny Chic.
Our shower curtain - On reflection is surprisingly similar...Maybe I'm more retro than I thought I was...

Besides, I have been known to do a bit of grannyfying at our home too...
Well, I AM a granny you know...perhaps I should start embracing the look more?! ;-))

Embrace your inner granny!
Have a great day,
Niki x


  1. Oh Eye Candy Alert!!!!!
    Beautiful pictures Granny Fretwell ;) i love your style Niki and your home is beautiful,i will look out for that book it looks interesting.
    I have to say i love the last picture,the rosey wallpaper and i wish i could see in the cabinet above the loo,it looks lovely.

  2. You can find lovely books in there. Surprised to see Granny Chic as it is a recent release (and already a hidden Christmas present for me!). Lovely photos of your beautiful home.
    Carol xx

  3. I think you embrace your Granny Chic beautifully Niki...:-) if you don't mind me saying!


  4. Lovely post, I know what you mean about the 70's, and the 50's, I'm like that with Beryl Woodware chna, coloured green! that was out main dinner service, it was used everyday in our house, now if I see it I just say - mum had that as a dinner service!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. the book and love your gorgeous home.....go granny!X

  6. I've been "grannifying" my house for years. I think it looks and feels cozy. I hope my grandchildren have wonderful memories of Grandma's house. Yours certainly will.

  7. Many thanks for your comments ladies.

    To Krissie,
    The cabinet above our loo has featured on my blog a few times - Example here:

    Also, April in my 2013 calendar features some of my violet treasures.

    Niki x

  8. Just been across to the Vintage wedding, so lovely.

    Good to be out looking at blogs and seeing you are still going strong Niki, Granny chic ... what will they come up with next :-) hmmm should I get a blue rinse and really live up the whole look.

    Great catch up on you and your blog.

    Ginny x


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