Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Three Go Shopping...

My daughter and I took little-one into Bath city centre yesterday for some Christmas shopping...
We loved this window display in the toy shop, which had 'real' snow falling gently from the cloud above. 
The Christmas Market began last week...I didn't take many photos, as I intend to come into Bath again with Hubby and our youngest daughter later next week...It has become a family tradition now to enjoy the market for one evening before Christmas, when the lights look so pretty and the atmosphere seems less frantic. I'll hopefully add lots of photos to my blog next week.
The carousel outside the Roman Baths
Bath Abbey
Little-one enjoying some lunch at Bonghy Bo's. 
Enjoy the rest of your week - I'll be back next time with a post about some of the items coming with me to the Vintage & Handmade Christmas Fair on Saturday, 
Niki x


  1. Anonymous12:32 am

    I am in love with that "tree house" type affair in the window. It is gorgeous. We were thinking of taking a little journey to Bath. Anywhere in particular you recommend?

  2. Hi Kelly,
    The new end of Bath is South Gate – built a few years ago…it has all the Names ie: Debenhams, H&M, Urban Outfitters etc. etc.
    Little South Gate is a little arcade within South Gate, with a couple of sweet independents such as ‘Pretty Eccentric’ and the toy shop on my blog.

    The Xmas Market is on until Dec 9th – all around the abbey etc…there are a few nice stalls.

    The Guildhall Market is the all year market – there is a great stall selling vintage costume jewellery.

    Broad Street has lots of independents – I like Rossiters. There is Susannah’s where I used to supply my rag dolls (VERY expensive though). CK is on that road too, if that’s your thing! ;-))
    If you head to the top of Milsom street, there is Vinegar Hill (opposite Paperchase), and Vintage To Vogue is a vintage fashion shop just off Milson Street (but that too is expensive.) Shires Yard has more independents, plus Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant.

    Turn left at the top of Milsom Street for Instant Vintage, or turn left for Prey.

    Source is inside Green Park Station – reclaimed stuff.

    Sally Lunn’s (North Parade Passage – near the abbey) – for a traditional lunch in a TINY house – oldest house in Bath.

    I’d always head down the side streets, (eg Walcot Street and Green Street.) as that tends to be where most of the independents and interesting shops are. There is Bartlett Street antiques centre at the top of Bath, but that is expensive…some reasonable things downstairs there though. And MEE is nearby, which is a lovely girly shop.

    If patchwork fabrics are your thing (many imported from the USA!) then Country Threads (Pierpont Place) is THE place to go.

    Hope that helps – Enjoy your trip!
    Niki xx

  3. Sorry Kelly, meant to say turn right (not left) at top of Milsom St for Prey!

    Walcot Street has lots of independents, but I always seem to run out of time to walk up there, so haven't been for a while to know what is still there.

    N x


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