Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In Readiness...

As I sat in our blue kitchen over the weekend, thoughts started to enter my head of the festive season. As I reflected on Christmases past, I couldn't picture us all sitting around the dinner table in a blue kitchen...
 The Christmas tree always stands in one corner and seems cocooned in the rosy glow that only red can I decided to make the switch and go back to red again! 
The horrid weather this week has made it difficult to take photos (see above), so I've had to take most of the shots in artificial light...

For those who have seen these incarnations before (I know I'm a bit of a fidget and can't leave well enough alone when decorating or faffing about at home should be the last thing on my list!), there have been a few new additions to hopefully improve the running of the room.

An old rustic painted dresser now stands against one wall...perfect for storing all the china...

We've also treated ourselves to a new retro looking microwave oven...a red one...which will hopefully make me think twice about changing the kitchen colour again! ;-))

Yes, I'm quite happy now...
Hope all is well in your little world too,
Niki x


  1. Wow what a lovely kitchen you have! Thank you for the calendar _ I love it! X

  2. Swoon,swoon,swoon!
    Oh it is beautiful and looks so cozy,i love posts from your kitchen as i get to see those beautiful cherub sconces again ;)
    The rustic dresser looks fabulous, you have dressed the interior perfectly and the new microwave is very retro and very cheery too,now for the Christmas tree! oh it is going to be wonderful xxx

  3. It looks gorgeous, Niki and try as I might, I also can't see Christmas without swathes of red. I've bought some red, white and green crochet pot holders for my kitchen wall, though I'd put those up for Christmas instead of the current pastel ones. I bought new red oven gloves and a tea towel from Ck yesterday, squirrelled away until December. Any excuse to faff?! See you soon.
    Hen x

  4. I love your kitchen so beautiful! you can tell a lot of work has gone on here, well done :)

    Bee happy x

  5. Questa cucina è adorabile troppo!Bellissima!Rosetta

  6. ...oh it looks all your pretty shelf edgings and will be perfectly perfect x

  7. Ooh, love the red! Absolutely beautiful Niki xxx

  8. certainly looks great! i love the microwave!

  9. Oh how lovely it all looks, it has made me want to go and get all my bits out for xmas seeing all that lovely red.Love Jill xx

  10. Red has always been my #1 fav color! (I still have one of my childhood boxes of crayons... nearly all crayons unused except for the red which is half-gone!) I just LOVE your kitchen, Niki! I've redecorated my bedroom in shades of red and am so glad I did (especially given this season).

  11. What a lovely kitchen! You did a good job. ;o)

  12. wow love it !!

  13. Oh Niki,I know exactly what you mean.I am going to put away all my pastel china and get out all my red bits and pieces.I love red, white and blue and my house is mostly a combination of those colours but for Christmas it has to be red with lots of gingham and old lace.Your kitchen looks so lovely Anne x

  14. Love your kitchen Niki, must be delightful to work in.Have followed your blog for a long time. Would dearly love to buy many of your products but the distance to here would make things so costly.Hugs, Shirley

  15. I love your kitchen, whatever the color, Niki!
    But I must admit- red is red at Christmas :)
    Hugs to you


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