Monday, November 26, 2012

Sitting Pretty

Here's the little chair that came home with us yesterday from the Dairy House Christmas Fair. (Did you guess right?! ;-))
I love the style of it...a little grand for most of the rooms in our home, but I thought special enough to spoil guests who come to stay...So we've put it in our spare bedroom to use at the dressing table. 
I love the beautiful tapestry seat too - In lovely condition and very comfortable. 

Like most of our home, this room is furnished entirely with old things that have a story to tell...
I wonder who has sat upon this little chair in its lifetime?...
Niki x


  1. Oh,Niki- definitely the gold medallist of the chair Olympics.What a beutiful chair I am green with envy, lol!Anne x

  2. That should have been beautiful chair.I wasn't wearing my glasses.x

  3. Oh my that is such a beautiful chair Niki and it looks lovely in your guest room against all the pale colours x

  4. Yes what a pretty chair,I found some delicate little cups in a charity shop recently! I love having old things in my home too.

  5. I didn't get into the cheesroom on Sunday so never saw!
    Thanks for your comments...see you soon.
    T x

  6. I had a "heated debate" with a feng shui practitioner once because she told me it was bad to furnish with antique mirrors as they "reflected back the bad things they'd seen" and she couldn't see that maybe they also reflected back the good and happy things they'd seen!
    I think we buy the things we buy cos we love them, but also because they have a good "feel" - if its something with a horrible story to tell we pass it by and it doesn't attract I'm sure your chair has housed many interesting and genteel bums over the past years!

  7. A beautiful chair. Perhaps "Marie Atoinette" sat on it :-) Shirley

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  9. Thanks for your comment on my blog Lia...I have to say my chair was a complete bargain when compared to the chairs on that website you mentioned!!! Oh my!!


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