Thursday, November 08, 2012

Her Mother's Daughter...

My three gorgeous daughters will always be seen by me, as my greatest accomplishment. This week my youngest has passed her driving test, started her first full-time job (she's on a gap year) and has been rehearsing in-between times for auditions for drama schools and university courses (the first of which is next week.)  
Although I take no credit for her academic acumen - she gets most of that from her daddy - as she celebrates another Birthday later this month, I feel happy that I have set her out into the world with some good principles for life.
She'll happily paint and revamp vintage furniture for her bedroom, to suit her style and budget...
She paints her own murals too...
And canvases for her walls.
She's even been known to create a whole house from twigs!
Much of her wardrobe has been amassed from Charity shops...
Her latest shoes were an unworn pair for £3. 
She can always be guaranteed to put an outfit together and look beautiful.
Added to that, the other day I caught her cutting open the plastic mayonnaise bottle, to retrieved the last dollop from the neck...before it got washed up and put in the recycling bin...

My work here is done :)

(I know you never really stop being a Mum, but its nice to ease-off and relax a bit now and then!)  

Have a lovely evening,
Niki x
Made by me, a Christmas wreath fashioned from a rusty garden sieve and ivy from my garden.


  1. ..hello there...i have just found your lovely blog and am very happy to be your newest follower!X

  2. Hello Niki....isn't it just so lovely when you see them all grown up and doing the things that make you so proud...a good job done, I say.
    She is a beauty too....
    I will watch Kirsty, out of curiosity and hope to learn something new :-) loving your wreath x

  3. Great work, "Mum!" She sounds like a beautiful soul, Niki. And IS lovely. And "my work here is done" made me laugh. :)

  4. A job very well done ... You must be so proud of your girls! Looking forward to watching Kirstie, but know what you mean, ha ha!!

    Love your wreath, brilliantly inventive xxx

  5. It must be lovely having you as a Mum Niki,so lovely your beautiful girl is creative and thrifty like her Mum,you must be really proud!
    I shall have to tune into Kirsty now to see if you are being naughty or not ;) x

  6. Good job, Mum. Enough said!


  7. What a talented young lady, I love the art.

  8. Looks like you've done a wonderful job and she's obviously got quite alot of her Mum in her as well.

  9. My that was a lot of shoes all lined up for polishing.

  10. Hi Niki.
    It 'nice to have daughters, how lucky you ... you have three! ;o))
    Good job, dear! *Mary*.
    (with translator)

  11. Thank you for your blog comment. I know just what you mean.. my eldest is now interested in old houses.. stop textiles! Lizzie x


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