Monday, December 10, 2012

Counting Blessings

OK, so I'm not a doctor regularly rewarded by the satisfaction of curing someone of illness or disease.
Or a midwife experiencing the huge joys of delivering a new life safely into the world.
Or even a teacher content each day, knowing young minds have been inspired or challenged by her words.
No, I am none of these, but that's not to say I do not have a fulfilling working life. I count myself very lucky to be doing something that I love. I doubt I shall ever become rich from doing what I do, financially that is, but I am richly rewarded in other ways. To spend my days making things and then to see the items I have created sell, and go off with new owners, is a joy. To be out treasure hunting at other times; finding something old but still beautiful to bring happiness to someone new, is something I take pleasure in. To be in my shop and to chat to those who call-in and share my passion is a delight...I am very lucky in that respect; having had my little shop for nearly 3 years, I have met many kind and generous people, some of whom I consider to be friends. 
So, the little gingerbread house taking centre stage on my blog this evening?
A wonderful handmade surprise gift to me from one of my lovely customers...

A lady that calls in regularly, often with one, or all three of her delightful daughters, made the sweet confection as a 'thank you'.
I just wanted to share her beautiful creation here on my blog and to take a minute to count my blessings.

As I am sat here writing this post, I have just received a lovely email from Krissie who recently purchased one of my fairy dolls called Marshmallow, and two of my calendars.
I have permission from Krissie to quote her email here:

"Mum is in love with Marshmallow! she said she is perfect and loves her little details and has cooed over her name too! thank you again!...

She called me late last night and said have you got your calender to hand? i went upstairs and laid on the bed and we flipped through every page discussing every beautiful thing on the pages while chatting away on the phone and she tells me what she especially loves on May or June and then she asks me 'if you could have one thing on this page what would it be?' and then she guesses for me.

It really is a special time when we do this, something just between us both and your calenders have become a part of our wintry traditions for me and Mum,She looks so forward to getting her new one each year and on the first of every month she will phone me early and she says 'ooooh have you seen January?' 

I am sure i have told you all this before but i know you put a lot of hard work in to all you do so i think you should be be told how special your handmade delights are and how much me and Mum love our Nostalgia Calenders and all your handmade bits and bobs that we are lucky enough to have."
Yes, I am lucky indeed.
Thank you to all who continue to buy from me at my shop, at the fairs or on-line, and email support and keep in touch - You make all the hard work worthwhile.
Niki x


  1. Oh, Niki, what treasures! How thoughtful of them to share their sweet words. Life as it should be!

    Happy holidays, ♥*xox*♥


  2. Oooh Niki your ginger bread house is beautiful! what a lovely sweet treat to receive.
    Oh yes it is good to count your blessings and i count you as one of mine xxx

  3. Hi Niki.
    I'm sure qusto bad time passes.
    Transform their passion into a job is already a fortune, of this I am happy.
    I hope to return to your wonderful shop-dream ...that nostalgia! :p
    Hugs and kisses, *Maristella*.
    (with translator)


  4. I do know exactly what you mean about hoping/being able to bring joy to other people AND do something you love every day, AND hopefully cover costs.

    We are very lucky aren't we.
    See you Saturday, thankyou for the kind comment


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