Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Decorating The Stone House

Finally got around to adding some photos of our home from last Sunday...
Little-one came to help us decorate the Christmas tree, with her Mummy and Daddy...
but it soon became clear that more fun was to be had playing with youngest auntie...
And sitting in the box that held all the decorations!...Especially if youngest auntie pushed her around in it!
The decorating did get done eventually though... 
Every year I like to buy a new decoration to add to our collection. This year I bought a set of chubby gingham birds from Paperchase. 
Hearts abound. 

This is 'smelly walnut' - a decoration I made many years ago from a half walnut shell and some pot-pourri (which still has a lovely scent even now). Its always our middle daughter's job to hang this one...not sure why or how these family traditions start, but that's one of ours... :)
There's lots of other home made treasures on the tree too...
Most have a folk art/country style to them. 

The rag dolls all around the kitchen have also been a part of our Christmas d├ęcor for many years...
These were made by a very talented American lady and were a gift from my hubby when our girls were very young.
I love this set of three 'sisters', having three girls myself.
And Faith, Hope and Love.
So, that's the kitchen all ready for the big day...

The light has been festooned in fresh ivy and vintage baubles. 

Lots more fresh foliage here too. 

The new (old!) dresser has been trimmed with off-cuts from the Christmas tree. 

Another heart here!

Hand painted signs by the very talented Jennie. 
So, leaving the kitchen now... 
Into the back hallway...
A stocking hangs ready for a little person...
And an angel on the back door that I made in 2010.
Through to the back living room which is home to the glitter village...

Vintage glass baubles...


Snow Fairy
And a mini tree.
Onwards to the front hallway...
The shelf is suitably dressed...
MORE hearts! ;-))

And into our main living room...

The bauble wreath received a few repairs this year...but six years(!) down the line, it lives to brighten another festive season.

Gifts are all made/bought, wrapped and delivered.
Spent a lovely day lunching with a friend... 
Three more days at work yet...
Food shopping on the 'to do' list...
But its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 
At last...
Hope all is coming together for you too.
Niki x 


  1. Oh wow it all looks amazing you have a beautiful home! xx

  2. Oh Niki it all looks wonderful!
    Thank you for posting all these beautiful festive pictures of your home i have loved looking through them :)
    It must be heaven having a little one around at Christmas time too,i might have to gaze at the last picture you posted for a few more minutes,its so pretty x

  3. It is looking wonderful Niki! I'm sure the family will have a fabulous Christmas at your house...just be sure you have abox ready for little one to play with!

  4. So beautiful, Niki! Having your granddaughter to help decorate is just precious. Your tree certainly is quite lovely, with all its country styled ornaments. I'm sure I've mentioned before, but the last time we were in England was during Christmas... your posts this time of year always bring back many happy memories! :)

  5. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Your home looks wonderful Niki,wishing you a very merry Christmas and new year,Xxxx

  6. ...that's it...i'm coming's utterly gorgeous and i can't believe how organised and immaculate everything looks....your tree is beautiful and familiar...and i LOVE will have a magical christmas in this beautiful home...wishing you all the best x

  7. Thanks for sharing your home at Christmas! I always love seeing your kitchen, it is just so charming. Happy Holidays! karen...

  8. It all looks amazing as usual Mum!! I will definitely miss not spending Christmas at home this year! I love Bambi, he is beautiful.
    And I have that photo of baby in the box as my desktop background on my work computer! All my work collegues keep stopping to say 'awww'.
    Love you xxx

  9. Wow your house is simply stunning with all the decorating you have done I especially love the vintage kitchen and the tree in there, so sweet!

  10. Gorgeous, Have a wonderful Christmas, Love Helen xx

  11. Thank you so much, Niki for these wonderful pictures of your Christmas home, I looked and then had to go through them again last night when I waited for EG to come back from his 'UK Chirstmas run' and now I had to look at them again! Just so beautiful! I shall also make some pictures soon as I am starting to get ready ;-). Have a very happy Christmas period, Niki.

  12. Lovely! Merry Christmas, Niki! Thank you so much for all that you share throughout the year!

  13. Love your decor, especially the natural wreath on the door and everything in the kitchen. I'm so delighted to spot my painted Gingerbread hanging from your tree!
    Merry Christmas, may it be filled with laughter, peace and joy.
    Monica x


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