Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jack Frost Baubles

 Brrr...A very frosty morning here today...
 But very inspiring...

A simple makeover for plain plastic Christmas baubles, to give them a frosty look:
I made these last year and they proved popular, so I thought I'd share how to make your own. I bought a couple of bags of old plastic baubles from a charity shop.
As well as the baubles, all you'll need are some scraps of lace (and I mean scraps - that's all it takes), PVA glue, glitter and ribbon for hanging. 
Using a paintbrush, cover the bauble in a thin layer of PVA glue. Either cut or tear small sections of the lace and work around the bauble smoothing the little pieces in place.

 The colour of your bauble will dictate how your finished piece will look. For the gold baubles I used antique cream lace. 

I then go for another layer and add a few motifs cut from the lace as an extra addition, glued in place with the PVA. This is worth doing, as it seems to lift the baubles from being too flat and plain. 

The baubles can then be threaded with a length of satin ribbon through the top loop for hanging. 
Then for the frosting. I used mica glitter flakes, but you could use clear glass glitter, or regular sparkly glitter powders. 
I just add a sprinkling around the top of each bauble, as if they have had snow settle on them. 
You then get to appreciate the pretty lace too without it being covered too much.
For those who don't wish to make their own, I shall be taking these to the Vintage Christmas Bazaar at Frome on Saturday. 
Have fun!
Niki x


  1. Beautiful - what a clever idea you've had.
    I do admire just how very hard you work.


  2. I was lucky enough to find Frosty snow covered baubles just like these in my stocking last year and they are beautiful when hung on a tree with sparkly lights,i bet they will go like hotcakes Niki xxx

  3. Those baubles are very pretty Niki, I'm definitely going to try and do some of those ... thank you for sharing your lovely idea

    Claire xx

  4. Now that's really a fantastic way to re-use baubles, Niki. Thanks for showing I feel less sad now not being able (again)to visit the Vintage Bazaar. But I wish you plenty of customers and that you will be sold out!

  5. What lovely ornaments. Thanks for sharing and even if I tried to make them, they wouldn't be as charming. Wish I could visit the Vintage Christmas Bazaar. Wishing you much success.

  6. You're so inspirational Niki,I have done fabric covered baubles but will try these at the weekend,of course mine will not be as pretty as yours!Warm regards Pam.


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