Tuesday, December 04, 2012

In Readiness II...

...For a  royal visit! ;-))
Well, actually my in-laws are coming to stay this weekend (and my hubby's Aunt), which has spurred me on to have a bit of a tidy up and to get done some of the little jobs I'd neglected to do...
Bit of dusting here.
I've created a mini hamper for my MIL who will be celebrating a special Birthday...
She'll be 80 years young, so a good reason to celebrate, I think.
I've framed one of our daughter's wedding photos in a lovely antique oval picture frame and hung it on the wall in our living room. 
I've finished faffing in the kitchen and have cosied it up to make it welcoming. 
Lovely Poinsettia plant - Just £3 from my local greengrocer's shop.
Mistletoe hung - Thank you Jayne! 
And a little more red just here...well why not? :) 
 Then to make auntie's stay more comfortable, I have been finishing off the details in our small spare single bedroom.  
The bare eco-bulb hanging from the ceiling wasn't the most beautiful of things, so a lampshade was needed.
I had a plain shade bought from a charity shop in my supplies and this old Laura Ashley fabric is one I've always loved. Its a very lightweight cotton, so ideal for covering a shade.
1. PVA glue applied with a paintbrush all over the shade.
2. Fabric simply smoothed into place avoiding air bubbles.
3. Fabric trimmed away and raw edges rolled onto the inside to finish.
Hung from the pendant.

Then I hung some more pictures on the wall. This bedroom will be used mostly by our granddaughter when  she is a little bit older and wants to come and stay, so it is very childlike...But then I think everyone can enjoy a few simple childhood treasures...
The baby prints in barbola frames represent the four seasons.
Spring, Summer,
Autumn and Winter.
The patchwork curtains that I made a couple of years ago have migrated to this room.

Some time ago I painted the old French bed that I bought at a flea market, but I don't think I've ever shown the finished result on my blog.

Ready and waiting with fresh linens for our guest...
Remember Holly Hobbie...
And Sarah Kay characters?
I used to spend hours trying to draw those pretty little girls in their patchwork pinafores and over-sized bonnets that often hid their faces...

Above the bed hangs this sweet verse, bought for me by my friend Helen.
Lucy House
The mirror that I embellished with china posy flowers some time ago, is waiting for hubby to hang it. It has one of those heavy chains on the back, so it needs to be done properly! (Not one of my quick hammer of a picture pin into the wall and hope for the best! ;-))

Cuties to cuddle.
Fit for a princess? - Well I did say we were expecting royalty! ;-))
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. Oh Niki it all looks beautiful! love everything you have shown,what a special beautiful room,who wouldn't feel like a Princess with a bed like that?

  2. oh my, thats some room!
    I was working as a nanny in Canada when Holly Hobby and suchlike hit the scene and I spent my (meagre) wages on pictures and plates and hangings to cheer my homesick self up, and seeing your room reminded me of that happy/sad/happy time- hadn't thought about it for years...

  3. gosh it all looks amazing and certainly fit for royalty...love your doll face coathanger and those cuties!!...have a special time x

  4. The spare room is beautiful. Thanks for the tour!

  5. You did such a good job that I can use some help. I love Poinsettias. I had never heard of Sarah Kay but they are stunning.

  6. It's a lovely room, Niki - I feel really motivated, as my task for this afternoon is to sort out our rather sad and sorry bedroom! The current star of the bedroom is a French édredon (eiderdown to you and me) which is a lot fatter than the British equivalents, and is keeping us wonderfully warm at night. Now I'm going to make the rest of the room worthy of it... thank you for inspiring me!

  7. Stepping in Faery land! My, Niki! Absolutely lovely but not surprised (yet again) at your talented fingers!
    Like Paddington, I now bear a sign: 'Will you adopt me?'
    Ah to be 6 years old again...


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