Monday, December 03, 2012

V&H & Bath

The alarm clock was set for our early(ish) start on Saturday morning to give us time to travel to the Vintage & Handmade Christmas Fair, but it failed to go off! By the time we realised, it was already an hour later than we had planned to get up!...Never mind, luckily we don't live that far from Chipping Sodbury, so were able to get there and be set up ready to go before the opening time...
It did mean, however, that there was very little time for me to photograph any of the other stalls before the crowds started to filter into the main hall.
I was able to take several of my own stall before some of my fairy dolls flew away to new homes...
I had a very successful day and am grateful to all who made a purchase. Michele and Jayne organised a brilliant day again, with visitors travelling from far and wide in their search for seasonal loveliness. (Belgium included, I believe!)

I hope to be able to create a similar stall to this at the Vintage Bazaar on December 15th, at the Cheese and Grain, Frome. Another wonderful fair and a date for the diary not to be missed...It will be my last fair of the year...I'm looking forward to it, but also to the date being crossed from my to-do list, so that we can start to enjoy some family time before the festivities begin. I've not done a fair this close to Christmas for a long time...
Michele's lovely nostalgic stand.
Louise Taylor Bowen's. 
Here's the write-up by H&A magazine.
Once we were all packed up after the fair, we unloaded the car again at home and then headed into Bath for the evening...

One of the stalls on the market. 
We'd promised ourselves some time to enjoy the Christmas Market and to soak up the lovely atmosphere that Bath offers by night.
Vinegar Hill

The Bath Blues Brothers getting ready to play outside the abbey.

We stayed and watched for a while...They were brilliant. Lovely to see shoppers dancing in the street! :) 

Bijoux Beads
A bride and groom arrived for their wedding reception at the Roman Baths.

Then it was time for a warming hot chocolate before making our weary way home.
Chocolate at Jacob's.
Hope you had a lovely weekend,
Niki x

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