Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Simple Pleasures...

Been enjoying a little time making, baking and getting my hands dirty...
First some wreath making...using material from our garden...Oh, I do like a freebie craft project! :)
Our garden lawn is always littered with the long whippy branches from our silver birch tree at this time of year. It grows high and straight, so catches the full force of any winds that power across our patch, so casualties are inevitable.
They are lovely and pliable though, so are ideal for winding into wreaths. A couple of stems wound round into a circle establish the size the wreath will be. I then build up the thickness by twirling more stems around this, winding round and round and holding the ends in with each layer. I don't use wire...probably not the professional way of doing things, but I don't usually let little things like that worry me! ;-) 
Once I've used up the branches and have a good thick base, the fun bit begins...
I used some off-cuts from our Christmas tree to start - Just pushing short pieces into the twisted birch.
I then added some ivy with berries and some trailing ivy too. I had planned on using some bay leaves as well for fragrance, but forgot to pick some! 
A scrunchy ribbon bow and some red rose-hips finish it off.
Ta da!
Then some baking...
Home made shortcrust pastry and a couple of jars of mincemeat...

Two dozen mince pies for the freezer. 

Finally...Getting my hands dirty...
I bought some white hyacinth bulbs from my local greengrocer's shop...
Placed some compost into an old china bowl and made the bulbs at home in it.

Snuggled them down with a mossy covering...
And added some gypsophila flowers for their snowy effect.

If the bulbs are near to flowering by the big day, I may use them as the table centrepiece. I've already placed a little  frosty birds nest decoration into the scene and could combine it with one of the gingham birds at the top of this post.
Lots more fun yet to be had...
Hope you are enjoying your Christmas preparations...
Niki x


  1. I like your wreath. The mince looks great.

  2. All is looking very festive and your wreath is terrific ... I didn't think of using rose hips in my displays but they do look effective and a great substitute for the holly berries I couldn't find on any of the holly trees in the woods here today. Elizabeth

  3. Your wreath is beautiful Niki and i love that you hand made it and that it all came from your garden.
    How you plant up your bulbs is just dreamy to me and your mince pies mmmmmm i can almost smell them from here xxx

  4. That wreat is lovley! And those pies look yummy .... Enjoy!

  5. Wow, I see you've worked hard. Congratulations!!!

  6. Love the wreath too, great pictures, merry christmas, http://artistandwife.blogspot.co.uk/


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