Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a Girl Thing...

Yesterday was a good day; I got to spend the whole day with my youngest daughter. She has recently started to show an interest in vintage fashion. Of course I felt a need to nurture this interest, as she is the only one of my daughters to show even the slightest whiff of awareness or curiosity for my passion for treasures from the past. Despite growing-up in a home furnished almost exclusively with old tat (!), none of my three girls have wanted to follow in my footsteps, probably because they want to forge their own style or identity...
But anyway, yesterday began for us with a visit to The Ashley Hall Vintage Fashion and Textile Fair, held at the Assembly Rooms in Bath.
We were able to catch-up with some of my favourite French textile dealers again and I bought some lovely bits and pieces...

I loved these tiny unused dyed and carved mother-of-pearl buttons on their original cards from Paris.

I also bought a full card of Deco buckles.

Beautiful rich red mattress ticking fabrics in a variety of striped designs...

Silvery grey French lace still on it's card and some scraps of Victorian cream lace.

Some good usable lengths of C19th Vichy check cotton and also in a woven linen, as well as some pretty floral fragments.

A sweet selection of vintage buttons including glass, Bakelite, wood with hand painted decoration and glittering paste examples.

My favourite purchase from the fair was this hat stand from the flapper era, with its beautiful boudoir dolls head and fabric covered base. I have a small collection of these, which I have mentioned before on a previous post - If they are within my budget I like to buy them, as they are becoming a very rare find now.

My daughter loved looking around all of the stalls with me and commented how friendly everyone was. After a delicious hot chocolate in the cafe, we decided to take the tour of the fashion museum within the same building. (We were eligible for free entry with being residents within the Bath area.) The main theme of the exhibits at the moment is underwear through the ages. The displays are changed every now and then, in order to show a new selection of garments from the museums huge archive.
We then left the museum and walked into the town centre. I have been looking for a while for an outfit for myself to wear to my in-laws Golden Wedding anniversary party next month. And Sunday was the day for me to finally crack it! - I'm rubbish when it comes to buying on the high street! ;-)) Give me a vintage shopping list over modern any day, and I can usually find what I'm looking for quite quickly! Its just a shame that I couldn't have squeezed myself into some of the 1950's pastel tulle numbers at the fair!...but at least I can take pleasure from my youngest wearing vintage now...

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend too,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Hi Niki

    What wonderful selection of things you have bought. I love the hat stand! Lucky girl, they are hard to find now. I too went to Ashley Hall Vintage Fair but in the afternoon. I treated myself to 2 florals hats to add to my collection and found some lovely fabrics, buttons, brooches and other trimmings. In the morning I went to Shepton Mallet Flea Market where I had the pleasure of meeting Sue & Donna for the first time. Bought some lovely fabric from Sue. Also saw Donna later that afternoon at the Ashley Hall Vintage Fair. I'm glad I made the time to go to both fairs. It was a fruitful day! Thanks for sharing your finds, I always find them a pleasure to look at.
    Take care. IsabelleW X

  2. You've found yourself some fabulous treasures, Niki! I love that old lace especially! My sister-in-law would covet those deco buckles... she loves EVERYTHING deco! She even had a 20's themed wedding when she married my brother (too bad it was in the days before blogging)! lol

    And what I find the MOST wonderful is that your daughter is taking an interest in your love for vintage! I only have the one daughter, and at the moment, she tells me she doesn't like "old stuff" as I do! heehee

  3. Marvelous! I wish I was close by and you could take me shopping! You have such style! The hat stand is amazing...I've never seen one like it! I love reading your blog today!

  4. I know very little about it but I am making things with lace at the moment and loving it! The bits you've got are lovely. The buttons are great too, I love ones on cards but it's so hard to actually bring yourself to use them!

    Mel xxx

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your daughter - how nice that she's sharing in your love of vintage too!

  6. Gorgeous finds as usual Niki. That flapper girl hat stand was waiting just for you wasn't it?

    I have told Jasmine about the fair and said that she really must come with me to the next one, she would love it (and be able to get into most of the tiny dresses! We shall have to meet up next time.

    I want to see what you chose for your in laws party now ;-)

  7. Niki,
    Love all the goodies you found! I LOVE buttons and lace and hats! Oh, my, I love so many types of old things!

  8. Love the hat stand - I have never seen one like that. Great finds.

  9. Hi Niki!
    Lovely that your daughter is so keen!
    I love your deco buckles. Last week I was wondering how I could use buckles in my own crafting...must get that thinking cap on again ;-)

  10. Hi Niki...I love the litle hat stand your finds remind me of my rumages through antique shops and flea markets in france every summer...unfortunately we wont be going this year...for the first time in 6 years...but I am sure I will find some treasures in Venice at Easter.....thanks for sharing you buy such wonderful things...cant wait to see the wonderful creations that appear from your bounty....

  11. Sounds like a great day with your daughter Niki. Strangely enough my eldest and I were planning to go to a vintage fashion fair on Sunday too but our lack of funds, made us think twice!!!!!! My daughter just loves everything vintage but so far her babysitting money doesn't quite pay for it all!!! I love that hat stand it was meant for you.

  12. I just love the beautiful treasures that you found on the weekend. What a great fair it must have been.

  13. Looks like you found some lovely treasures at the fair and had a great day out too.
    Take care.

  14. Love those deco buckles. You had some good finds and how lovely that your daughter is so keen too.

  15. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Whenever I read your blog I have to pick my tongue off the floor after it has been hanging out looking at all the wonderful stuff. My husband and I love antiquing here in the states and he has collected literally thousands of old buttons in our travels so your buttons were of special interest. I love all the fabrics you show. I cannot find such lovely fabric in our stores here as of yet, but keep looking. Anyway, you have a keen eye for beautiful things and your blog is lovely.

  16. I love this post about your daughter, I went out with mine yesterday, she tried to get me into a new coat...but I prefer vintage....she buys double the things I should buy...

  17. Hello Niki - I KNEW you'd recognize the fabrics! =)


  18. Oh what pretty finds! I love the fabric and that hat stand so lovely Niki. I have one daughter who loves to wear vintage clothing, she is the oldest and is studying art in college. My other girls do not have any interest either. Oh well, maybe some day Pinkie

  19. Gorgeous finds! Loove the hat stand!

  20. That's great that your daughter is showing some interest. You have a great eye for just about everything so I know she is going to be taught by the best. :)

  21. Your finds are so lovely! I especially like that hat stand - as does everyone it seems!
    Do you know any fairs like Ashley Hall Vintage Fashion and Textile Fair that will be coming to the midlands?
    Daughters are so special - I am so lucky to have mine here in England with me for another year while she is attending university.
    She and I differ in our tastes on some things, but are almost identical in home decor.
    We both love your vintage finds and treasures and loves.
    Can't wait to see what you find next!

  22. Une pure merveille ces tissus !!!


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