Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The White Stuff

There seems to be a fair smattering of snow over Blogland today...
And just to show that here in the SW of England, we haven't been missed out...

We do a nice line in cushion seat pads, tablecloths and carpets!

My daughter's school is closed today, so I suspect I shall be challenged to a snowball fight later...

Have a wonderful day and keep warm,
Niki x
Update: Ooops...I've just realised this was my 300th post! My thanks to all who have checked in over the years - I appreciate every comment that I receive...it certainly takes a lot longer to get round to visit everyone, as there are so many more blogs out there now from when I joined Blogger in 2006.
Here's to the next 300...


  1. Morning Niki
    Beautiful here too!
    Have taken some piccies so hope to get them on the blog later...
    Liz x

  2. Hi Niki

    All snowy here too, though I'm not too happy preschool is shut!

    I love that snowflake decoration, it's so pretty.


  3. Anonymous12:48 pm

    It's just about all gone here, do have fun while it lasts.

  4. Beautiful, Niki! I read on the news last evening that London has been hit fairly hard with snow ~ but it must be a photographer's dream to capture London under a thick blanket of white! =)

  5. Just caught up with your blogs. I see some pictures of Bristol - as I have two sons living in Bristol we are frequent visitors, and I see you took a photo of my favourite tree! Have you seen it, the one with the "strange birds" well actually they are pairs of trainers probably thrown up at the end of the university year by the students! Love the finds especially the vintage jewellery.

  6. Congratulations! I do LOVE your blog! And I hope you enjoy the snow and stay warm!

  7. Oh so pretty, we seldom get snow here. Wished we did. Have a lovely week.

  8. Congrats on your 300th (wow!), I wish I had discovered you sooner, I love your blog!!

  9. Congratulations on #300! I love visiting you...my blog post today was about COLOR, we have having amazing weather when the rest of the world seems to be in snow...the white sure is beautiful!

  10. Congrats on your 300th post, Niki! I loved each and every word you wrote (and pictures too!), so keep going..!
    Yesterday I read the front page of the Wall Street Journal that stated 'Heavy snow and freezing temperatures wreak havoc on UK and France".... Here, too, we had a great snowfall (see my blog)... Your snowflake brooches are stunning! Looove them!
    Monica xo.

  11. Glad to hear you;ve got some of the white stuff. ours has disappeared this morning and the world has gone back to normal! Congrats on your 300th post Niki

  12. Hi Niki, lovely pictures the snow is so beautiful isn't it. Our snow is nearly gone and it is quite mild, so wonderful that Spring is just around that corner...

  13. My son was very disappointed that they didn't close his school even though we had quite a lot of snow!

    Congrats on your 300th post!


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