Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Beginnings

I know that it's not officially spring until towards the end of March, but its encouraging to see that things are beginning to stir in the garden...
I find it such an uplifting and welcome sight to gaze upon the first few signs of life breaking through the bare earth at this time of year...
Particularly thinking back to just last weekend when the fresh new growth would have been covered by several inches of snow.
These daylily, hemerocallis shoots look none the worse for the ordeal.
And we've discovered several fragments of birds egg shells scattered about the lawn this weekend, so there is brand new life hiding in the hedges and trees too...
As a child I remember gathering twigs laden with swinging yellow catkins and fuzzy pussy willow buds during February. They would be placed in water in glass jars amongst horse chestnut sticky buds on the school's nature table.
Snowdrops are one of the first bulbs to flower, so I thought I would take their photo today, before their sweet little performance is all over.
But it does seem that the miniature tête-à-tête flowers won't be too far behind this year.


And forced to flower early indoors, they bring a cheerful golden yellow display to the windowsill in our kitchen.
Spring really does feel just around the corner now and I can't wait to get back into my garden for a new season of planting and growing.
Hope you have a great day,
Niki x


  1. Hallo Niki, I`m Dorthe from : Den lille lade, Denmark. Just wanted to tell you that it`s such a beautifull spring feeling I get, watching your blog today.
    Have a lovely sunday.

  2. Hi Niki i love snow drops but they wont grow in my garden so thankyou for sharing yours best wishes Pat

  3. Good morning .. or should I say middle of the night here in Central Oregon. I found your blog a few minutes ago and have loved browsing through posts .... I love the fresh look and feel of your blog design and writing and will be back to visit again.

  4. I am soooo ready for spring. The garden here is just starting to spring to life too. It's one of my favorite times of the year, seeing the garden sprout up brand new from it's winter rest. xo, suzy

  5. I can't wait for spring either. Sunshine, open windows and washing drying on the line just seem so magical right now xxx

  6. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Are these the flowerfairies from Cicely Barker I 've spotted on your post? I used to collect her books 30 years ago...I did spent all my pocketmoney on her books...but I am still enjoyng them....I even bought an Alphabet and posters....

  7. You have SPRING! I love your snowdrops! We do have some lily bulbs making their way to the surface, and I did see a few bluebirds at my feeder. =)
    When I was in elementary school (many years ago!!!) my teachers always had a mason jar filled with water and pussy willows on their desk each spring!

  8. Thanks for the touch of Spring - I am ready. It was in the 60's couple days last week, but temps are dropping again, so anything trying to sprout now, probabley won't make it. Have a great day.

  9. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Oh how I agree with you Niki..I am so looking forward to spending time outside gardening. Spring is such a beautiful time when the earth comes to life.My mum and I watched a pair of blue tits chasing each other around my garden yesterday..I hope they move into one of the nesting boxes I've put up!! Sue X

  10. Hi!!

    Post wonderful, with magic and primaveral air. Very pretty your blog.

    Jorgelina from Argentina

  11. Hi Niki, I can't get over how far ahead your bulbs and flowers are, just being those few miles further south really makes a difference.Spring has to be my absolute favourite season with all that new life around.
    Much to my annoyance, I have a naughty fat hen that goes around de-heading my snowdrops and crocus..she doesn't even eat them.. what a pest!

  12. Hi Sylvia,
    Yes, the flower fairy illustrations are by Cicely Barker - I have my mother's childhood book dated 1950 which I frequently take out and look through - so pretty!

  13. Niki, your spring bulbs are something beautiful! Also in my garden they are slowly starting to appear! Cicely's illustrations are gorgeous! And your post inspiring...
    Monica x.
    P.S. My little shop is open. Please come to 'meet' my Dolls and Angels!

  14. Hi Niki! Like you,I am longing to get into the garden.
    Although something will have to give way in order for me to make the time!!
    I have a very tatty copy of a book by Cicely Mary Barker,'Groundsel and Necklaces'. When I was young,I adored this book and would read it over and over again. Such lovely illustrations. ;-)

  15. I was having a similar search yesterday but I think we are way behind you up here...still snow around ....but my courageous little snow drops are making a brave attempt to pop their heads above the snow....happy half H

  16. Hi Niki

    Isn't it great to see Spring bursting forth. We haven't that many bulbs in this garden as I still haven't got round to planting any since we moved, but Mum has an abundance of snowdrops and her miniature narcissus aren't far behind.

    For me the best part is hearing the birds singing once again!

    Sue x

  17. How lovely for you to see the bulbs poking out of the earth and know that spring is on it's way. Here in Montreal we are still quite in the middle of winter and it is getting tiresome.


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