Friday, February 27, 2009

Loopy Lu

Last night I was playing with some odd scraps of antique lace, binding church candles and pastel hued cylinder shaped ones in the lengths of tatty gorgeousness...

A simple project, but one of a slight departure for me. When I sit down to sew, everything has to be so precise and measured, for a professional finish. As a result, I sometimes feel a little restrained and long to work a bit more freely.
I realise there is nothing particularly clever about these simply wrapped candles, but by using ragged bits of lace, I do feel they have a time-worn look that fits well with my love for vintage. I was wondering whether to make a few with special embellishments for the V&H fair...
I mean, it is all too easy to stick with doing what you know, but to break-free once in a while is a great feeling.
Or do I take along what people will be expecting me to take, all of which have proved to be good sellers in the past? I'm all for moving a business forward and trying out new ideas, but should I be sticking to what I've always done, with a 'don't fix what ain't broke' kind of attitude?
Perhaps I should stop philosophising and go with my gut-feeling; some things won't be successful, but not trying probably isn't a good approach...Ha! I'm going round in circles here! (And some would say "is that all you have to worry about?"!)
Well, I'm off out with friends today...I'm looking forward to a few hours in the big wide world, rather than the four walls of my workroom...hopefully that should clear my head and have me thinking with a bit more focus! ;-))
Have a lovely day,
Niki x


  1. Your wrapped candles are simply beautiful!
    ... I'd take some, they could be a pretty inexpensive- but gorgeous- gift!
    Have fun on your 'day out'!
    Monica x.

  2. It's good to break free from your usual work sometimes. If it doesn't work, there will still be elements that can be used later. They look lovely. I live more or less on the doorstep of where the Vintage Fair will be held (lucky me!) so will look forward to seeing lovely work.

  3. I really like the candles. I'd give them a go at the fair, just make a few and see how it goes, what's the worst that can happen (?) and you will have had fun creating them!

    Hen x

  4. I think they look beautiful and would sell really well (I know I would buy one!!!). Wish I could come to this V&H fair but unfortunately it's the same day as my daughter's 4th birthday and I don't think she'd understand if I was missing ;)

    Mel xxx

  5. Oh I do love this look. I say, give it a try. You won't know unless you try! If we all went by the philosophy of not fixing it unless it's broken, we'd never try anything new, and never learn if we love something even more than the unbroken stuff! You might find you get a whole new bunch of customers. At worst, it will not turn people away, so I think you have nothing to lose, it all looks positive from here :)
    Best of luck with it Niki, I am sure you will wonder what you were worrying about

  6. Niki, they are gorgeous! You have such a natural sense of style, just go with it, I am sure you will sell out of candles in an instant! Not only will they display beautifully, the trimmings and ornaments are lovely keepsakes once the candle has been used. I want one!!! Best wishes, Lois xx

  7. What an incredible way to use old lace! Those are quite stunning, Niki! =)

  8. Beautiful!! You are very talented!! ;-)

  9. You know, you are just TOO creative for words. I just love this idea and I'm going to steal it here across the pond. Gorgeous!

  10. It is a beautiful way of using lace, very pretty! Hope you enjoyed having some time to yourself today away from sewing, computer and housework...Those kind of days are essential, aren't they!
    Isabelle x

  11. I think they'd be a lovely addition to your stall Niki!

  12. Love the candles Niki, unfortunately I won't be able to come to the fair, but if I was I'd buy one.
    Take care.

  13. They look so beautiful! And the fair sounds like fun! Wish I could go!

  14. Your projects and finds are always so beautiful. You have a great talent.

  15. Somehow I had lost track of you and now just found you again over at "a heartinprovence"....nice being back in your little corner of the world.

  16. Pretty candles! Hope you enjoyed your day out. I was out and about for a while today, then it started raining, then very cold and snowing. Still snowing - I am ready for Spring.

  17. take the candles too Niki- anything that has a bit of bling works for me. LOL
    Ginny. x


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