Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Love of Old Lace

A quick project during my lunch break today was a light relief from a mountain of typing and paperwork...

A length of pliable wire was shaped into a simple heart....

to become a framework for vintage lace (the tattier the better!), which was glued in place.

Graphics torn from one of my French magazines from the 1890's...

Along with small vintage millinery flowers and tiny trinket embellishments to complete these charming love tokens.

Here they are drying in my workroom, adding a touch of romance to an otherwise mundane sort of day!

Hope you have had a lovely day,
Niki x
Update: I've just been doing a bit of blog hopping this evening and discovered this post written by Rachel Ashwell. I'm not one to idolise 'celebrities' or famous people, but have always had an admiration for Rachel and the values that she lives by. When I bought my copy of 'Shabby Chic' in the 90's, her first of five beautiful books, it was like finding my Bible. I felt a connection between her way of thinking and my own, as I know so many others have too.
I'm sure that Rachel will turn the fortunes of her empire back around over the next few years, as she will have the best advice available, I don't doubt; lets hope so for her sake and for all lovers of chipped paint, torn fabrics, cracked china and a touch of vintage sparkle!
May I also through my blog wish anyone going through the same struggles, the very best of luck...
N x


  1. How lovely! Very pretty and a feel good project!

  2. Those are soooo cute!
    I found your blog a few days ago and wanted to stop by and say 'hello'~

    Xo Kelly

  3. Niki, your creativity astounds me.

  4. Oh those are gorgeous, Niki! So feminine, delicate and charming!

    I've often posted about my love affair with old lace, too ~ I could stare at lace for hours it seems! Your creations are beautiful! =)

  5. Lovely Sweethearts!

  6. Loving the lace and flowers and text !

    Sam xx

  7. What a lovely idea. They look gorgeous!

    Sue xx

  8. how perfectly lovely!!! what a sweet idea Niki...

  9. I wish I could come up with those sorts of ideas! They look great.

    Mel xxx

  10. What a brilliant idea, they look so pretty

  11. The hearts are so beautiful and romantic. I love them.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Jean in Virginia

  12. Niki,
    what a talented girl you are! Anyone would be lucky to have your designs.

    I too love Ms. Ashwell but alas, I can only have my bathroom decorated in Shabby. When my husband and I do buy our house in September, you can bet that I will have more rooms devoted to that style!

    Deanna :D

  13. These are so sweet, what a great idea.

  14. wow I just read the Rachel Ashwell link - that is so sad - its someone every day now isn't it. You feel like battening down the hatches to stop hearing it all and its happened so fast. Love your latest makes you are like a little beaver in your workroom.

  15. Love those beautifully shabby chic!

  16. Anonymous7:28 pm

    So beautiful Nikki! I love what you made. What a weird winter, we have had more snow than usual too! Hope you are staying warm,
    xoxo, Tiffany


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