Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pretty Purple Pincushion

Making my 'living' (of sorts! ;-)) from my hand crafted goods, does mean that I am often reluctant to spend time making things for me. Consequently, I have made-do for years with an extremely tatty old pincushion! But not any more...
I was lucky enough to win one of the 'OWOH' prize draws, which just happens to have been a beautifully made pincushion. (Still can't believe my luck, as this draw received over 260 comments)

Debra from Manitoba Stitches, makes these adorable works of art using colourful wool fabrics, which she embellishes with hand embroidery. They can be seen in her Etsy shop, along with her partners fabulous leather work.
Thank you Debra for my delightful prize - I really will enjoy using it and can now relegate my tatty old pincushion into retirement!

I have also been bestowed several blog awards recently. Whilst I am flattered to have been chosen to receive them, I have mixed feelings about them....I recently read on a friend's blog that she had just received her first ever award after 5 years of blogging....Hers is such a lovely, warm and friendly, family orientated blog, which receives lots of visits and comments...It is sad to think of anyone feeling left out. And choosing favourites is always going to be a bit tricky... I love to visit all of the blogs on my links list, for a variety of reasons; be it for laughter, inspiration, tips, to catch up with friends, to gaze at stunning photography, or just to enjoy a brief story of a recent event in the author's life that they wanted to share.
When I first began my blog, it was basically an extension to my shop/website, where I thought I would share ideas and updates relating to the goods I had for sale. I guess that has changed over the years and I have gained a lot more than I was expecting from writing my posts. (I know that the majority of my readers are non-bloggers and mostly are customers to my on-line shop. With you reading my posts, it allows a little personal interaction in this cyber-world, for which I am grateful.) Having an on-line business does mean that life revolves far too much around the PC (I have my dreaded accounts to do again this evening!) and I admit to struggling to return comments to my blog on a regular basis, for which I apologise. Perhaps it is inevitable that we each run our blogs in the way that best suits ourselves.
Last year I read with interest how some of the ladies who had booked a stand at the V&H fair were struggling to make enough stock to fill their stands, whilst juggling family life etc. I can now relate to this, as I too am finding it difficult to make extra dolls, on top of what I would normally try to add to my website. Each one takes at least a day to complete, so making the extra is going to take time...For all of those who have enquired, I will add to my websites stock as soon as I can.
I have made lots of smaller 'gifty' items, as well as having some vintage treasures in storage for the fair, which I shall show here nearer to the May date.

In the meantime, I have managed a bit of 'blog-surfing' over the last couple of evenings (I am always amazed how many blogs are actually out there waiting to be discovered) and would like to list a small selection of my recent discoveries as well as to mention some that have been on my links virtually from day one:

This is my adorable little Rosie, who I purchased from Nicky last year. She enjoys sitting amongst the piles of vintage fabrics in my workroom (that's Rosie, not Nicky!) She is surprisingly heavy, with her tummy filled with metal shot (that's Rosie, not Nicky!) and I love the way she reclines on the shelf....

These ethereal grey watercolour postcards came from the extremely talented Lynn, of Sea Angels. Her dreamy blog is always a delight and I come away feeling calm and relaxed.
Some recently acquired names to my blog links include:
Sylvia with Villa Extra
Laeriss with Heart in Provence
Jeanette of Just Jeanette
Hope you will enjoy visiting them as much as I do,
Niki x


  1. Well done on winning the giveaway, that is a gorgeous pincushion, so detailed!

    Rosie the rabbit is so scrummy, I think she's beautiful.

    My blog's changed too, I get the impression we all start off with the intention of doing one thing but gradually drift into other avenues!

    Mel xxx

  2. Hi Niki
    thanks for the info on some wonderful blogs, my fave is the Heart in Provence.. truly inspiring & beautiful.
    Lizzie xx

  3. A much deserved win; you can retire that saggy old one my way if you want - she's still very lovely! As is Rosie! Deligthed to hear Nicky does not have a tummy full of shot! I'm off to peruse your links! Oh no! My list will be growing again!

  4. Thank you very much, Niki, I'm so flattered.
    Best wishes.

  5. Anonymous6:50 pm

    The Rosie rabbit with the tummy full of 'shot' did make me chuckle Niki.. thanks.
    Take care, Frances

  6. What a lovely pincushion, it was meant to find it's way to you!

  7. What a beautiful pin-cushion. I also use an tatty old one. My son made it once for mothers day when he was about 7 years. My son is now 31 years old. Your vintage fabrics are beautiful.
    greetings Marja

  8. Your new pincushion is is your old one! I love looking at other blogs, too and will enjoy the links you shared! What fun we have!

  9. Lovly as always a funny story with a cute bunny and wise words best wishes Pat

  10. I love your pin cushions. I have a wonky old pin cushion which I made at school when I was 10! It's still going strong,amazingly...but it makes me laugh when I look at it! Things like that are the best though!
    I know what you mean about making stock for the V&H fair. I am trying to grab every spare minute in between teaching,which has also been manic this week. ;-)

  11. Niki, I am so glad the pincushion arrived OK and thank you so much for the kind words. Thanks,too, for the extensive blog list,I love perusing it. There are some beautiful ones out there. Enjoy the pincushion,I know it has found a good home!

  12. Congratulations on the win! What a pretty little pincushion. Have a great weekend.

  13. You have a very inspirational blog, i love your patchwork cabinet in your last post! I hope to have enough time to read alot more of your blog now that i am soon to become a housewife again!! Yey, one week of work to go!!!

    Aqeela xx

  14. So many pretty pictures to look at!

  15. Hi Niki, I Love your posts and creativeness...I know I speak for everyone on that subject, don't be too hard on yourself about what you can and can't do now,that's the downside of success, you'll have to start delegating if you want to grow and make time...otherwise just go at your own gals will understand! :)

    As to the award thing Although I am with you in some respect, think back to when you were first blogging and wanted to get noticed...these awards are a good way of networking, although now personally I do not add them to my side bar...I just can't ignore gals that have bothered to award me something...I have to pass on that blogging love...

    Have a great weekend

    Love Happy x

  16. Congratulations on your win, it is so pretty and useful. The hat (I think it is a hat) covered in flowers is beautiful all those lovely colours.
    Love the little bunny she looks so comfy and homely laid back there with not a care in the world ummmm.
    Great day here hope it is with you too...

  17. Niki
    You'll never guess what? I drove past your house today! I went to Shepton flea, then to Bath Vintage Fashion Fair and then drove home past your house. I recognised the village name and then I knew which one was your house. I waved as I passed. I didn't know until the last minute that I was going to Bath from Shepton otherwise I would have arranged to meet up. Hope you got lots of lovely treasures xxx

  18. I only have one word to say ...."BEAUTIFUL" .... I'm so glad I found you .. and I'll be back.
    Hugz ... Betty


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