Saturday, October 15, 2011

Floral Greetings.

I had three of these unusual vintage hand embroidered linen antimacassars. One I have been able to use almost complete to make the skirt section to a dress for a small rag doll. (I'll show that when she's finished)...
The other pieces were very much past their best and no longer usable for their original purpose.
So I set about carefully trimming away the fabric to leave me with the wonderful appliqu├ęd flowers.
I also cut out some of the leaves.
I bonded some antique French linen to the backs to make them a little more rigid.
Leaves were then applied to each one, and then a metal brooch bar.
Some blank greetings cards were decorated with an attractive rubber stamp design...
And I finished by pinning a flower brooch to each one.

A gift and card in one!
Also today I rustled up two mini hand bags, using a stunning antique French fabric.

Lined inside with a vintage rose/paisley.
A cushion was made from the tapestry I mentioned on a previous post that was part of a broken fire-screen. I took it out from under the glass and laundered it.
Combined with a pretty floral fabric, it is now a comfy cushion.

I thought it would look lovely with a hand hooked rug I was able to purchase recently...
So today I popped them both in to my shop's window.
Thanks for stopping-by.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Niki x

Lavender filled hearts and a brooch made from vintage hand embroidery and cosy quilt squares.


  1. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Hi Niki,
    I love the flower brooches and mini hand bag with the roses on and i love the bunch of flowers on top of the toile lined cupboard at the side of the window but my oh my i spied your patch work curtains over the banister on the landing,i love them! i can not wait to see them hung!
    Phew that's a lot of love :)

  2. Adorabili i tappeti ed i cuscini!Rosetta

  3. Genius, you are so inspirational - I won't overlook something I would have previously passed by now, I'd never of thought of cutting something to pieces.

  4. Oooh all so lovely, especially those flower brooches. The cushion and rug looked lovely on your landing and I applaud you in letting them go for sale!
    Thanks ever so much for your comment, I'm really glad hubby is enjoying the jam. Plenty more where that came from!
    Hen x

  5. Anonymous8:51 am

    i love the roserug...hugs

  6. I love the brooches.

  7. You are so creative Niki - what a great use of the flowers!


  8. What a lovely way to preserve beautiful vintage embroidery. I am so inspired by your ability to repurpose and make something beautiful.

  9. Such beautiful things! I absolutely adore the little cards and brooches.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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