Friday, October 28, 2011

Representing the United Kingdom, we have...

For England, its Gardenia. She loves her English country garden and wears its likeness throughout her colourful outfit.
I made her full skirt from an unfinished hand embroidery. The main panel was beautifully completed by a skilled hand, but the sides still had a few areas yet to embroider...Knowing I'd never find the time to complete it, I decided the best option was to re-purpose and create this stunning skirt for Gardenia.
She has a Sanderson floral jacket to coordinate with it and several pretty layers beneath her linen skirt.

For Wales, its Dilys.
In her cosy Welsh wool blanket jacket, she's ready to keep warm during the festive season in her coordinating cheerful red and green ensemble.

For Scotland, its Heather in her fabulous plush Scottish mohair coat.
I fashioned her beautiful pure wool dress from a c1950's pleated skirt (sadly I had been unable to sell it, as it was less than a size 0! - So again, re-purposing seemed the best option.)
Heather wears charming calm colours throughout her winter outfit - Sure to keep her toasty even during the toughest highland winter!
And finally for Ireland...
How to utilise this antique sampler? The years had not been kind to this old textile; stitches had rubbed away to nothing, a hole had been poorly repaired with a patch of netting, and it had possibly been washed, which had caused the colours to run from the woollen threads.
But still I loved it. Now sadly of no real monetary value, the sampler needed to be saved for one last time...
It made the perfect skirt front for Molly.
A matching jacket was made from hand woven pure wool, from Dublin.
Other element combined to dress Molly to the nines.

I had to cut a strip from the top of the sampler in order for it to be the right size to be made into Molly's skirt. This left me with the letters hand stitched across the top. Keen to salvage what I could, I created these initial brooches.
Combined with squares of vintage 'cosy quilt', they're now a fun collection of one-of-a-kind pins.
The dolls continue now with my medium size girls...
First, there's the twins, Alice and Isabella.
Two dainty damsels in feminine eiderdown cotton dresses and frills.

Lace bloomers add Victorian charm to the pretty pair.
Next up, its Eleanor (left) and Poppy.

Poppy is dressed in the hand appliqu├ęd antimacassar linen that I mentioned I'd recycled here.
Eleanor has a sparkling brooch with her initial on, pinned to her waist.
Finally we have Octavia, dressed in a c1930's velvet, which I used to make her dress and matching jacket.
c1930's glass buttons trim her tiny toes.
Here is Eleanor trying out the little wooden bed for size, which I showed previously on my blog, here.
I've also created 4 little fallen angel dolls - Each dressed in antique lace and tarnished trims to give them a truly authentic time-worn look.
Two flapper girl hat stands, based on the original ones of the 20's and 30's. Both made from genuine vintage materials and embellishments...
But are offered for sale at a fraction of the cost the original ones now seem to command.
I can't tell you how good it feels to have a collection of unique dolls completed - To have them all ready and waiting to be sold. Its such a relief when the final stitch is in place, as these are the results of many hours of work - From the careful choosing of the fabrics and trims, the stuffing of limbs, the making of layers of clothes, to the name tag tied to their wrist (I'm tired but happy right now ;-))
All of the dolls will be coming with me to the Vintage Bazaar, Frome tomorrow. I'll have plenty of other items on my stall as well, including buttons, boudoir items and pretty vintage treasures. There'll be a few other handmade items too, including these bags made from 1920's hand embroidery...

Cushions with hand embroidered cottages, combined with floral vintage fabrics...

And this pair that I gave a rich coat of turquoise eggshell paint to.

Hope to see you there! It promises to be another great event - Perfect for some early Christmas shopping!
Off to pack my car now! - Enjoy your evening,
Niki x


  1. Nikki...I'm in love with your dolls!! Each one is so would be so hard to just choose one!! I think the ideas you used for their clothing is sooooo cute! That sampler skirt! Sure do wish I was going to be there tomorrow. Best of luck!

  2. Che meraviglia!Rosetta

  3. beautiful, especially the angel dolls!

  4. I wish I could go to the show. Your dolls are unique. Please take a picture of your table as I always love to see how you have arranged everything:)

  5. Wish I had a ticket for flying right over and stopping for shopping!!♥♫

  6. Oh what a glorious post!

    Such elegant, beautiful ladies!
    How proud you must be to produce such beauties!
    And saving that sampler for Molly, and using the most special left over letters for brooches is just a stroke of genius!
    I so wish I was going tomorrow!
    Have the most fantastic time Nicki.
    Kindest regards as always,
    Donna x

  7. I don't know how you can bare to part with them. I love the sampler doll. If she doesn't sell (which I suspect would be highly unlikely) Please could you reserve her for me.
    Good luck today. I know how hard you have worked, it shows in your stunning and thoughtful array of beauties you have created. Really wish I could be there but alas, we have our shop to open in what has been a very quiet half term week. All the best Nikki. Hx

  8. They really are beautiful. Wish I could make it to Frome

  9. Stunning!

    Oh and I must say the calender (recently purchased) is beautiful.

  10. Your girls are wonderful Niki - I'm sure they all found new homes today!


  11. Hi Niki

    Lovely to see you today. Will catch up properly as soon as we can both find enough minutes joined together!!

    Sue xx


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