Monday, October 17, 2011

Papery Treasures (And a few other things!)

After last weekends hours of travelling, I had suffered withdrawal symptoms when it came to treasure hunting ;-)) ...So yesterday I made sure I was up bright and early to get my 'fix' for this weekend!
One of my first buys with this pair of c1920's children's books. Utterly gorgeous illustrations by Margaret W. Tarrant accompany the wonderful nursery poems.
Each book contains 4 beautiful watercolour printed plates.
By contrast is this very sophisticated print, which I added to an old black picture frame that I thought would set her off nicely.
A china candlestick - Perfect for the festive season.
Lots of pretty postcards - Some I am going to use to make greetings cards (using photo corners and card blanks.)
Silvery bits and bobs, ideal for a Christmas buffet table.
Buttons and vintage knitting patterns. (Seeing as Kirsty is coming back with another handmade based TV series this week...I'm hoping she will inspire lots of people to get crafting...and maybe they'll look for supplies at my shop?! I can but hope! ;-))

Adorable sentimental framed print.
Then there's this item...Perhaps a mystery object? Or do you already know what it's for?...(There are modern versions around today.)
The lovely original label on the end of the box shows its a 'Punkt-Roller'...this one probably dates from around the 1920's or 30's...But there are older ones still about...
There are four rubber rollers that move independently....
It would make a fun talking point...
Its a body massager! It was thought that the massaging action when rolled over the body, would distribute excess fat evenly around it!
Moving on...This pretty jug and bowl set has some damage, but is still very decorative.
And this old weathered wooden painted tray has certainly seen better days...But for some reason really spoke to me...
For now I have stood it up behind our draining board.
The rest of my day was spent making over other wooden items.
No1. was this small wooden box that had a few painted doodles on it!
I gave it a quick sand and then a coat of emulsion paint all over.
When it was dry, I rubbed away a few areas of paint where natural wear would have taken place, to give it a light distressed look.
I then added a genuine Victorian paper scrap to the lid.
A coat of wax polish to protect it and the make-over was complete.
It would make a lovely little sewing box, or for keepsakes.
No2. A slightly larger project was this wooden drawer. It too had been painted in the past.
The map items that I have had in the shop have been good sellers, so when I found this small antique map of my local area, I thought it would be just right for this project...
Some glue and careful snipping...
And the job was complete. A great storage box in a study.

Back to sewing tomorrow...
Have a fab week,
Niki x


  1. i love vintage childrens books!! :)

  2. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Hi Niki,
    Love your buys,especially the jug and bowl and the painted tray.
    Your wooden box and drawers look fabulous with their make overs,you have been busy.

  3. Anonymous8:12 pm

    very cute box

  4. Dear Niki,
    Love your makeover drawers and what super finds!

  5. Those prints I oh how I love them specially that lady in the frame.

  6. Hi Niki, I love the Margaret Tarrant books.I'm sure you know, she was a kindergarten teacher and used the children as models for her Flower Fairy paintings- and probably these too I would think! Such brilliant craft work, the boxes are lovely. You are SO clever! Jane x

  7. The little thumbnail of those children's illustrations was calling to me from my blog! I'm not surprised now I've seen them in detail here - Margaret Tarrant is one of my favourites. Thanks so much for sharing them, and your other great finds and crafts. Thanks for your message about Christmas week too - I'll be in touch nearer the time.

  8. Anonymous10:26 am

    What lovely finds. How I wish I lived closer to come treasure hunting with you!

  9. It's me again Niki, I must be tired! Of course it was Cicely Mary Barker who was the teacher and did the Flower Fairies... I've always muddled them...J x

  10. Niki
    Can you email me with the price of the books if they havent gone by the time you read this??

    Love the map drawer so lovely and so useful as well

  11. Whoops my email for Thursday is


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