Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sit on a Cushion and Sew a Fine Seam...And Feast Upon Strawberries, Sugar and Cream!

I don't think I've ever made a secret of the fact that I love fabric...Especially old fabric...Vintage, antique or retro, dressmaking, furnishing, lace, or wools, tatty or perfect...I'm not fussy! ;-))

So, when faced with a project, such as curtain making, it can be difficult for me to narrow my choice down to just one textile...

Which is probably why the majority of curtains (and cushions for that matter!) in our home, end up a patchwork of more than one fabric!
If not a large collection of assorted patches...
They are at least made from two or three large strips joined together.
Or perhaps just an edge has some interest added - Like an antique fabric patchwork border (with beaded bobbles!)
Failing that, then I'll add a pretty lining as a surprise when the curtains are pulled back.
Two lace tablecloths where joined together here - And a pink cotton sheet was used as a lining.
When we decided that we needed a change in our funny little back living room, as usual I wasn't going to limit myself to just one fabric!
I went for 28! Those who have visited my blog before may well recognise these lovelies. They are some of the Scheurer fabrics that I bought from Sue a couple years ago...I was always determined to use them where I could see and appreciate them everyday...And I've finally got round to it.
After cutting out the 112 large patches, I've been stitching an odd seam now and then, when I've had a moment - No real pattern to the layout, just an informal jumble of deliciousness!...Sewing time at home always seems to be very limited, as there is always so much to be done for my shop...But I do feel these have been worth the wait, and now that they are hanging in place, all I have to do is enjoy them every time I walk past.
I lined them with an antique French linen sheet to give them some weight. And I made a simple channel at the top from the same linen, which saved buying heading tape. They glide easily over the pole that we already had.
The colourful addition to this previously all white room, has meant its still a work in progress in here, whilst I decide what pieces we already own, look best teamed with the new curtains...
The green painted chest has had three different cloths on top so far (since I took this photo!)... For now I have settled on an embroidered cloth with silk satin stitched anemones around the edges.

Our large white linen covered arm chair has moved into the main living room - swapped for the wooden bench which now takes up less space in the revamped room.
A lace edged tablecloth makes a pretty 'skirt' (photographed a rather intense blue for some reason) and a quilt creates a comfy seat pad. I did mention I like textiles, right? ! ;-))

My favourite Victorian velvet log cabin patchwork cover, softens the back of this old chair. And cushions always have their place! :)
I think things will evolve in here a little more yet, but for now we are enjoying the changes.
At last a pair of curtains for this window, that meet in the middle (don't ask! ;-)) - Time to keep cosy now the nights are drawing in...
Warm wishes,
Niki x


  1. Hi Niki

    What a brilliant way of using the Scheurers so that you can constantly see them. So clever, and looks fantastic, too!!

    Sue xx

  2. A girl after my own heart; why use one fabric when you can use, well 28! Seriously, they look fab and you've given me an idea, thank you, as I am struggling with curtains for our bedroom which is being redecorated, the windows being a mere 10' wide and about 9' tall. Hmm...
    Hen x

  3. Ilove all your patchwork curtains,the fabrics are gorgeousx

  4. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Hi Niki,
    The second to last picture made me gasp! they are beautiful and look stunning up at the window,they must be the prettiest pair of curtains ever,love the little bench and drawers it looks really cozy.

  5. Hi Niki, I think they are the most beautiful curtains that I have ever seen, especially when the light is shining through. Love that photo. Tam x

  6. They are gorgeous I have a friend who made some and another who is about to and we are all sending her fabric peices.Will hav eto send her over to look at yours.

  7. They are beautiful, I love them.

  8. Anonymous6:25 am

    love all the curtains they are all so pretty and add a touch of uniqueness to your lovely home .
    xx fee

  9. Wow! I love them - they are gorgeous.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  10. Gosh Niki, you are so clever and industrious! They look beautiful and I'm filled with admiration. Jane x

  11. so SO cheery, the patchworks are wonderful for lifting the spirits!

    Have a goos weekend

  12. they look really lovely, I like the fabrics, a great idea!

    Josie x

  13. Nikki I have spent an age looking and looking at your curtain photos, serious curtain envy going on here!!! They are gorgeous and look so lovely in your beautiful home. And then I turn my gaze away from the computer to the windows in this room and think I really MUST get on with making some curtains... Have a great weekend!

  14. Wow,wow,wow! I love the curtains. I have serious curtain envy! Your fabrics just continue to amaze me and how clever you are at knowing just what works where. Wonderfulness!!!

  15. What a fabulous way to use & display your treasured fabrics!


  16. Gorgeous curtain, you are very clever Niki,

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  18. I am trying so hard not to, but I can't help it ... I have serious house envy! Your rooms look absolutely beautiful. The curtains are gorgeous. M x

  19. Anonymous9:29 am

    Absolutely beautiful.

  20. Your new patchwork curtain looks fabulous Niki. I would love to do something like that in our house but I fear my hubbie would really not get it. Having only been married two and a half years, and together three and a half, he still doesn't really understand vintage style. Now we're living in a house that we've bought together, rather than his house that I moved into, I am slowly starting to get my way more often but it's a slow process. And he's far too opinionated for a man! I'm now wondering if I could get away with some patchwork on a really small window to see how he would take to it. Fiona x


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