Monday, October 24, 2011

More Vintage/Lovely Stuff!

I'm back here again to show the fruits of my latest treasure hunt!
In fact I found a lovely Edwardian fruity print! Perfect for the country kitchen - The colours and print quality are delicious!
And I love the soft colours of the c1920's anemone print. It has a water mark in one corner, so ideally will need re-framing (a job for this week!)

I was extremely pleased to find this set of drawers covered in an old Sanderson fabric. They are going to be perfect to use at the Vintage Bazaar on Saturday, to hold buttons and sewing bits and bobs.

I had to buy this tiny perfume bottle. It is still filled with Devon violets perfume...Perhaps not the ideal scent to splash on those pulse points, but a good old sniff is enough to transport me back to my childhood and holidays in Devon, when a souvenir of this sweet fragrance was a must purchase! Often the bottle would have a little pixie sat on the top, or hand painted violets on it, but this glass Devon thatched cottage is very cute too!
The Charm of Gardens was definitely coming home with me, despite the spine falling away from the binding, as inside there are over 30 gorgeous colour plates, perfect for framing.
I have bought books from this series before - And a wonderful blog post written by Christine is enough to convince anyone to do the same. (If you haven't read her delightful post before, it can be found here.)

I was also very happy to buy this large roll of antique marbled papers...probably originally used in the art of book binding.
There are lots of unused sheets of the combed design, but also a few others...

They'll be perfect for lining boxes and drawers...
Such as these little projects!

Its half-term this week, so I'm going to spend my spare moments with my daughter...In between making final preparations for the Vintage Bazaar on Saturday. I hope to be back before then, to show some of the pieces I have worked on in readiness.
Have a lovely week,
Niki x


  1. Lovely finds, Niki! That book is fabulous!!! You always seem to find wonderful treasures on your excursions. For me, it is sometimes hard to part with things that I have.


  2. I'd forgotten all about Devon Violets perfume!
    I remember buying it on holiday many moons ago :o)
    And yes, they did have those pixies on...such sweet little bottles though :o)

    I love all your finds Nicki.
    have a great week.

  3. oooo violet perfume !! i always bought some on holiday (usually Wales or norfolk broads)when I was little! I want some now !! off to search ebay !!

  4. I love the marbled vintage paper, such lovely designs. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.
    Jo xx

  5. Gorgeous finds as usual Niki. Looking forward to seeing what you bring on Saturday. xx

  6. Oh my! Those marbled papers are a find indeed! I used to get my students to make their own when we bound and illustrated our own books. Those are rare examples you have. Do you think they might be Venetian? Hope you really enjoy using them.

  7. What a lot of beautiful finds, lucky girl.

    I like your blog too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Niki.
    It 's all wonderful! :):):)
    I wish you good luck for tomorrow, at the fair in Frome.
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  9. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow Niki. This time I'll actually say hello!!!! Lesley x


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