Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Good-bye sweet summery sandals and shoes...
Hello warm and woolly wintry wear.
The seasons are changing.

I've been adding another lot of my Nostalgia 2012 calendars to my website today. There was a delay with them, as my second delivery was received incorrect and so I had to make a complaint to the printers and wait for another batch to be printed.
I'd also just like to add that my clever hubby has been working on a new programme for me to use, to make it easier for me to add items to my on-line shop. This should mean I will be able to add odd items now and then, (assuming I get the hang of the new system!) rather than me spending hours adding a large selection of products, which often took me several days. I do try to let those on my mailing list know when I've updated, but when I did this for my last update, my in-box became choked by my emails bouncing back - Mostly from those with an AOL account, so I apologise if you didn't receive the update information.
Thanks for stopping-by - I hope to be back with a longer post next time!
Have a lovely evening,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Hi Niki,

    They are really pretty summer footwear you are having to say goodbye to but i love your boots and especially the fur topped ones they are lovely.
    To all who are reading i have two of the new calendars and would highly recommend them,the quality is gorgeous and the pictures are beautiful i can't wait for January to start using mine x

  2. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Love the winter boots Nicki,very smart and they look so warm,julie.xx

  3. This piece did make me smile, I've just put my summer sandals away too and rootled out my bed socks! Jane x

  4. It's a shame to have to put away that first pair of colorful shoes! They are so cute! But those boots are going to be much more useful in the coming months! :) Good luck on your new programme!

  5. Anonymous6:49 am

    lovely boots Niki there is something exciting about the changing of the seasons especially this time if year
    xx fee

  6. Hello dear Niki.
    Keep aside for me, calendar 2012, returned to England in the next me take you home! ;o))
    A dear greeting, Maria.
    (with translator)

  7. I'd wear boots all year round if I could ! I'm a boots and cosy clothes girl :-)
    Lovely Autumn, isn't it? I hope you're well and dandy, as our paths haven't crossed as late - but I do hope to say a hello when the Frome Bazaar is on!

  8. Thank heavens for husbands who help us get where we want to go!


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