Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Family Matters

I found this quote by Lucy Liu and it made me smile...
Does that mean that us 'vintage girls' that DO have a boyfriend, or an understanding hubby, are extra lucky??!
I know I am thankful for what I have and often stop to count my blessings.

Occasionally in the past my daughters would question why I collected some of the vintage things that I did...
But I think as they have got older, they saw that the pieces that have surrounded them in our home as they were growing up, are old and interesting and have a story to tell, or have something else to offer that a modern piece does not...
These days my youngest is happy to rootle through the rails in a charity shop to find something different to wear from many of her peers...
My middle daughter often accompanies me to the flea markets looking for inspiration for her textile/fashion projects for college...
My eldest daughter is a little different and has learnt that none of the material goods (vintage or otherwise) in our home are what is really important. She has moved-on many of her possessions and has a clean slate to start a new chapter of her life in the New Year.

And my hubby is happy if we're all happy! :)
Yesterday he helped me put up a new (old!) glazed cabinet on the wall in our kitchen...Him knowing full well that it offers me another opportunity to move my collections around and perhaps add to them...
I do wonder what our little granddaughter will make of us when she's old enough to consider things for herself...
Will she see a funny family that live a slightly unusual, but interesting life...?
Or will she not question, and all will seem the norm...?
When I visit some friends or relatives, and walk into their room with the 'wallpapered feature wall', matching sofa and the big black box in the corner, for me it's a home lacking personality. I'd prefer it to reflect those who live in it - Personal keepsakes or souvenirs on display bring a heart to a home.
Of course it will always be those living within it that matter most, but it doesn't hurt to add a few frivolous fancies here and there! :)
OK, this was probably just an excuse for me to add photos to my blog of the treasures and trinkets that make me happy, but now I see where they have taken me and has got me thinking about what is important...
Thanks for stopping-by...even when I don't really have very much to say!
Have a lovely day,
Niki x


  1. A thoughful posting! I'm a bit of a hoarder and when it comes around to dusting I see the point of the sofa and the big TV but when all has been primed and polished there is something warming about a house with a bit of personality! So, I'm with you!
    Love your arrangements!

  2. Gorgeously colourful post and I love all your beautiful collections. I am a huge hoarder too and can't resist beautiful fabrics, yarn or china but I'm not so good at displaying them and they spend most of their time tucked away in baskets and boxes. so why do I get them in the first place - well, you've inspired me to start getting them out and either using them or displaying them, Thanks Niki.
    Sue x

  3. I've always admired your posts showcasing your personal treasures! I only have one daughter (she's 11) and as yet, she still prefers more of a modern look. I think she now takes my collecting in stride, because she's stopped telling me, "Mama, that looks old and dirty!" lol However, my oldest (17 yrs) now accompanies me on my treasure hunts (he loves the old books and paintings). ;)

  4. Hi Niki,
    I love those vintage egg cobblers on photo 15! The chance is high that you transmit your values for vintage things to your grand daughter. Much higher than if you had a grand son
    ;-). But how exciting to find out eventually.

  5. Hello A!
    Thank you for your comment.
    The two little pots in photo 15 are actually a mustard pot and pepper pot...I'm always on the lookout for the matching salt pot on my travels!
    Niki x

  6. Dear Niki, It is always a pleasure to read what you have to say. You are truly a "bright spot" in any day! MaryC

  7. And what gorgeous trinkets they are! I've been to the CL Fair today, most of the things I bought were vintage and I'm always bemused to see people loading up with cheap modern copies of vintage items (I think they call it retro, shabby chic, take your pick). Each to their own, I suppose! I'm sure your grandaughter will love it. One of Harry's friends did once ask "why is your house full of old things"? I took it as a compliment!
    Hen x

  8. Ho my god!
    I am suffering to see all these wonders! Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful collections! :):)
    Hugs and kisses, Maria.
    (with translator)

  9. I always love to see photos of your collections. All my kids have turned out to be vintage collectors in their own right, I just hope their partners are as understanding as mine.

  10. Complimenti, hai un blog meraviglioso! Anna

  11. Hope your grandaughters wil love it too.My mothers house is a home of things like yours.I collect things but havnt got mch displayed knowing we wil be moving again next year.I see lots of things you have that I would love to have like the vintage shoes and boots gooorrgeeeeeous!!!

  12. Hello Niki,
    Thought I'd pop by and see how things are at the Stone House only to find you've opened a shop as well. Wonderful, congratulations.

  13. A wonderful posting, Nikki. I agree with it all. I too count my blessings and am lucky to have a husband who is happy if I'm happy too. Aren't they the best?! Your collections are enviable but the relationship you seem to have with your family even more so! Lovely.xx


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