Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kitchen Capers

Our kitchen has seen a fair few changes to it over the years....When we first moved to the Stone House, we used the room as a playroom for our three girls, as they were all quite young at the time. I shall have to try and find some photos of it - We created a purple hazed fairyland, complete with a real tree spanning from floor to ceiling and festooned it with fairly lights.
As the girls grew, I expanded my small business and the room changed from the fantasy grotto into my shop.
After closing the shop, the room then became our kitchen! It has evolved several times over the years, but I think that is the beauty of not having a fitted kitchen - Its easier to make little changes without having to rip out units etc.
From blue and white...
To cream and red...
To vintage floral for a short while...
And then back to cream and red again! ;-))
...With a touch of grey and mocha too!
Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, I bought a new, actually Victorian, glazed cabinet recently...

Complete with its original wiggly glass and old patterned paper lining the inside.

We already had the heavy shelf above the radiator (hubby made it from an old scaffolding plank and some antique metal brackets), so we simply rested it on that, and then drilled it into the wall in a couple of places.

Then the fun bit!
As most of the items in our kitchen are red, I thought I'd add some more colours and introduce all of my vintage china from various places in our home, into the cupboard.
I also fixed some vintage wallpaper border to the shelf edges.
Whenever I buy vintage and antique china for my shop, there is inevitably one or two pieces with chips or cracks. These are the items I usually keep myself, as I'd rather sell perfect china. It does mean I have amassed a varied collection of mis-matched bits and bobs (not all imperfect, some we use everyday), but all piled in together, I think they look cheerful and fun.
Lovely to look at whilst we are sat at the dinner table too!
(An added bonus with having it all behind glass, is that the dusting is minimal! ;-))
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your recent comments. And welcome to the new followers who seem to have found me somehow...Its lovely to have you here,
Niki x


  1. I've long admired your kitchen, Niki. I like the idea of not having pieces fitted, so you can change things up when desired. Your newest glass paneled cabinet is stunning (I love the old wavy glass)! We have an antique pie case with glass panels, and sadly one of the glass panels shattered (we had to replace it with new glass, as replacement old glass is outrageously expensive). ;) I'd love to see your kitchen when it was a fairyland!

  2. Dear Niki,
    What a lovely cupboard and some nice bits and pieces in it too - you certainly know how to decorate something beautifully!

  3. It finishes it off nicely. Love the colour scheme.

  4. Come adoro le cucine inventate!Si puo' sempre cambiare!La tua รจ bellissima,dolce e romantica!Rosetta

  5. They do look indeed look 'cheerful and fun' and I'd certainly agree with "An added bonus with having it all behind glass, is that the dusting is minimal".
    Carol xx

  6. Ooh, they are all fabulous, and the new cupboard (in particular its contents) are very drool worthy! Love the fabric curtain in the flowery kitchen incarnation.
    Hen x

  7. Hi,you sure do have a pretty cosy kitchen its lovely.Love Jill xx

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen Nicki :o)

    Now, I can't remember if you moderate comments or not before they're published? But i don't want you to think I'm advertising or putting things on here that I shouldn't! But seeing that lovely little dolls face in your previous post reminded me that my friend Jennie from America had some gorgeous little animal and doll faces in her vintage etsy shop a little while back. Her shop is . I'm really not advertising her to all and sundry, I'm just trying to tell *you*:o). I just wanted to tell you as I know you would put them to great use if they weren't too expensive. I don't have any idea what the going rate is.
    Just trying to help my lovely!
    Don't publish this post, or delete it when you see it or what ever my lovely:o)
    I couldn't see an email addy to tell you directly. Sorry .
    Have a great week Nicki, and take care,
    Donna xx

  9. Lovely. Not sure which kitchen I like the most.

  10. Its all so perfect, everything is just wonderful. I wouldn't change a thing, not an inch~

  11. Hello Niki, your kitchen
    is a dream, you have objects
    wonderful, congratulations!
    a hug
    Susy x

  12. Anonymous10:54 am

    Great transformations! Looks like you never get tired of moving things around, adding new colours etc. If I had to choose which look was the best, it would be very hard... Wish you more interior design ideas and not to stop changing!

  13. You've surpassed even yourself with this cupboard and its contents! I love your kitchen in all its incarnations.

  14. Hello hello!
    Your kitchen is so gorgeous, Niki. Love this post!

  15. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Hi Niki,
    It looks really beautiful,i love your kitchen and i really want to see this tree the girls had it sounds wonderful,


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