Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lace, Leather and Stone.

My shop is smelling very lavendery at the moment!...
I've made lots of little lavender filled hearts - Ideal for the Christmas tree, but could also be used afterwards to scent your wardrobe!
I used antique lace and C19th French linen.
Larger brooch pillow heart (also filled with lavender.)
Plus some with mother-of-pearl buttons.
There's another vintage wool Christmas stocking...
with lace top...
And I thought I'd just show this little number for any ice-maidens out there!
An original designer Iceberg dress, made from Italian silver leather!
Perfect for the party season.

To round of this quick post...
A progress report on works that have been carried out on the Market Cross that stands outside my shop in Shepton Mallet.
The barricades are finally down and the renovated stone work is revealed in all its glory.
There's still work to be done, to include up-lighting and possibly some new stone sets around the base I've been told, but the work has certainly moved on...
And I can see daylight again, thank goodness! - Now that my shop can be seen from the top of the High Street once more, I'm hoping I shall see a few Christmas shoppers at my door.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Niki x


  1. I'll find it with or without barriers and am looking forward to it!

  2. Your shop is looking fab, love all the green furniture!

    They have made a stunning job on the market cross!


  3. It all looks so lovely. I'm not sure what you meant by ice maiden though.
    Maybe you could explain in a future post because I always read yours.

  4. I can just imagine the scent of your shop, Niki - heavenly! And what wonderful timing of the completion of the stonework near your shop. I hope you have many Christmas shoppers!

  5. Your shop looks so wonderful, I'd love to have a wander round myself..

    I'm glad the work is coming to an end, it must be very annoying if the number of people that have been coming into the shop has been lower whilst the works been going on!

    Ashley xxx

  6. Beautiful shop. Would love to come and visit to lok at all the treasures you have!

  7. Blimey the monument looks very yellow. I love the lacey hearts, I've been making some of those too recently to ward off the moths. BTW I've got some lovely antique fabrics pieces you might be interested in, very delicate silks, I'll show you next time I'm up...

  8. Hi Niki.
    Now the monument is more beautiful, but I like your store again! :):)
    As a girl I had a dress like that,
    burgundy color.
    I hope that at Christmas you can sell anything ... good job!
    Hugs and kisses, Maria.
    (with translator)

  9. hello my are you?kisses from Turkey.very nice days.


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