Sunday, November 27, 2011

That was the Week That Was...

Last week was a busy one...
Our youngest daughter turned 18...I'm now adjusting to the fact that all my children are officially adults...
But my daughter did announce to me on Thursday, "It's OK Mum, I don't intend to be an adult until I'm 21, like they did in the old days!"
I guess she'll be wanting me to do her laundry etc for another few years yet then?! ;-))

Her Birthday celebrations were all a bit of a rush, as we had to get her back to school (an 18 mile round trip) each evening for her to perform in the school cabaret, which ended at 10.30pm each night...I don't know how she managed to keep going...
She was a compare...
Was in several comedy sketches..

And is a member of the girl's choir.
This was the finale where they performed several songs from Grease.
Saturday evening we took her into Bath for a meal with her friends to celebrate her 18th and the end of the cabaret.


Whilst home life has been full throttle, I've also been busy in the shop making things and keeping the festive feel going.

I've made some Christmas tree decorations from the old keys that I showed on my previous post.
And there's some more made from dusky pink chandelier drops.

I've made a new collection of brooch pillows too.

My doll making has also been at full production and I have a big line-up to show you when they are all complete. These I am saving for the Vintage & Handmade Christmas Fair next Saturday. I shall be upstairs near to the tea rooms this time - Hope to see you there if you can make it. I shall give a preview of the dolls that will be coming with me later in the week. I also have a new design to reveal too! ;-))
Have a great week,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Hi Niki,
    Happy 18th birthday wishes to your daughter! did you sing along to Grease? :)
    The Christmas cushions are beautiful and the keys and chandelier drops look really pretty,love the duck egg ribbon.
    Nostalgia at no.1 looks gorgeous in all it Christmas finery,the work you put in really does show.
    Oooh and a new design i'm intrigued?
    Love Krissie x

  2. Happy 18th to the busy birthday girl.

    Lots more lovely items Niki, those brooch pillow are really beautiful.
    I imagine your stall will be very popular at the fair.

    Carol xx

  3. Congrats to your daughter, and I am loving the shopX

  4. awwww your daughter is so pretty :) Your shop looks great and festive!

  5. Happy 18th to your daughter, Niki! What a busy girl she is (she sounds just like her Mum)! My oldest turns 18 next year; I can't believe where all the time has gone!

  6. Congratulations to your daughter Nicki :o)
    They're ours for such a short time aren't they?

    Your shop looks fantastic! I so want to get down there to see it inthe flesh!!

    I really like your christmas decs, and thet Father Christmas pillow is gorgeous!

    Have a great week, I hope the fair goes well for you my dear.

    Take care,
    Love Donna xx

  7. Hi Niki.
    I wish happy birthday to your girl, 18 are wonderful nostalgic!
    I am sorry not being able to see the house the next post, I would have liked!
    The fair in Chipping Sodbury will be well good, I am sure! I want to be there :):) sigh!
    Good job and a dear greeting, Maria

  8. It is all so lovely.

  9. A late happy birthday to your daugher.You have been so busy! I love your Christmas tree decorations especially. Jane x

  10. You have such lovely art, bravo


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