Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Following on from my post about making the patchwork curtains for our back living room, I've been adding/changing a few things around in that room. I've taken these photos at various times, so they jump around a bit, apologies for that, but I haven't had a lot of free time lately.
In no particular order...
I've placed the little glazed cupboard on top of the drawers. It was one I had in our kitchen, but it had to move after we added the large glazed cabinet in there last week, that I've mentioned previously. (I'll show that on my blog later this week!)
This gorgeous leather barbola picture was a recent purchase from a friend's shop - Only £5!
Love it!
I've changed the fabric in the fitted glazed cupboards at the end of the room...
For a colourful vintage floral Sanderson.
I brought in the cushions from our summer house, as things can get a bit damp in there over the winter.

And the dresser at the other end has been tweaked a little - Having had the lace curtains behind the glass closed for a while...
They've now been opened a little to reveal my collections inside.
And I've hung my angel that I made for myself one year on the front.
My favourite original 1800's pencil portrait hangs beside the dresser.
Sorry I'm in a bit of a rush this evening...
Hope you're having a good week so far,
Niki x


  1. Your home is a joy to behold!


  2. Such a beautiful home, Niki! I'm happy to see you've kept a lovely handmade angel for yourself! I cherish the two dolls I purchased from you... they're still proudly displayed together on a shelf in my curio. That pencil portrait is amazing!

  3. So cozy and inviting. Aren't we all so rushed lately?

  4. It all looks very lovely, and you certainly got "mates rates" on the barbola picture!

  5. What do we all want to do as bloggers? Inspire? Well you have done that in HEAPS!!!! THANK YOU XXXXX

  6. What a beautiful, colourful home, even in these dark November days it must be so welcoming.
    What a lovely angel.
    Carol xx


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