Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Thrill of the Chase..

Latest pur-chases!
As usual, quite a floral theme...
Two pretty framed vintage prints. The shoes stretchers are larger than those I normally find - I shall be covering these in lace to make them prettier.
Gorgeous Barbola plaque.

Fabrics! I had to limit myself with these though, as they were very expensive. Most had come from France, so I understand why; poor exchange rate, high fuel prices and ferry costs, and the fabrics have to be bought and sold at profit...I'm just glad that I have accumulated a lot of fabrics over the years and still have those to work with, otherwise it would be very difficult to survive at the moment...

I am pleased with the ones I bought, and look forward to working with them soon.

The magenta fabric below is a lovely soft velvet. There's a pink pinny and the orange/yellow floral is a lovely handmade early 40's apron.

Lace and old broderie anglais for fairy making.
And other pretty trims...some the perfect shape for fairy wings.

I'm also going to use these tiny baubles in my doll making - they'll be ideal for some Christmas angels that I shall work on for the V&H Christmas fair. (Dolly face for my handmade hat stands.)
I found a whole box of vintage Christmas decs too...which will come with me to the fair as well.

I don't feel I have a huge amount of items for the money I spent, but at least I have something to show for the chase!
As I was walking round the antiques fair, I kept going back to look at this fabulous French mirror...every time I went back I breathed a sigh that it was still there...
So in the end I took the plunge and bought it for myself. I love the original artwork in the top panel, the shabby old painted frame, and the aged silvering of the mirror. Perfection.

I also bought this little French bodice. Probably from around 1880. It is entirely hand stitched and remarkably tiny.

I adore all the details and will enjoy looking at it hanging in my bedroom.

That's it for now - Thanks for stopping-by,
Niki x


  1. Niki - that bodice is beautiful! What a showpiece!

  2. Love the french mirror, good for you having yourself a treat! Lizzie x

  3. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Hi Niki,
    What fabulous buys,i love the fabric with lilacs and the laces and trims,but wowee! your mirror is gorgeous and i agree perfection!
    The french bodice is very pretty and you have given me a really good idea for the bits that are left of my mothers wedding dress,
    Enjoy your new finds,
    Love Krissie x

  4. Lovely finds Niki, you have such a good eye. I adore the French bodice and that mirror is stunning...I love them when the glass is silvering.
    Jo xx

  5. All well worth the chase, some really lovely items, especially the material and the teeny tiny bodice.
    Carol xx

  6. What lovely finds, I'll be heading to you to check out those decorations, I like the robins. I agree about the price of fabric, whether new or vintage, it's really pricey and yet the market won't sustain price rises in the finished articles. Good job we love what we do, hey?!
    Hen x

  7. I love it all. The floral prints look so pretty together

  8. I love your mirror and it was obviously waiting for you otherwise it wouldn't still be there, or am I the only one that thinks like that.


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