Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Trinkets and Treasures

Good morning!
Thank you for your feedback to the question in my previous post...I'll carry on posting about the treasures I find on my travels... :)
Coming up are the goodies I discovered at the weekend...
Vintage brooches and pretty necklaces.

A lovely old sewing basket (love the floral fabric cover) full of useful sewing equipment and supplies.
Colourful Christmassy baubles in time for the festive season.
Baby gowns in need of recycling...I've started working with these, so will reveal all when the items are complete. ;-))
These cute doll-sized knitted items are going to be used on Christmas cards to friends.
Adorable miniature flue-cover. (Sold yesterday)
Tactile sea shells and an urchin.
Rusty keys will become Christmas decorations with the addition of a few twinkling trinkets.
A fantastic old Good Houskeeping Cookery Book.

Love those colour plates!

Metal flower frogs, always a useful find for displaying postcards and such. Pretty glass cologne bottle, that I have since tied with lace and an old millinery flower, which I'll show towards the end of this post.
A baby's portrait on milk glass, dated 1896.

Two beautiful Victorian photograph albums...
with plenty of delicious illustrated mounts inside.

A large pile of linens and lace...
Now freshly laundered and waiting to be pressed this morning.

Chippy painted garden spade.
And a standard lamp to provide extra lighting in my shop.
A wonderful over-mantel mirror, which I feel needs painting (another for the to-do list! ;-))

I also moved this gorgeous chest of drawers with its fab original paint into the shop yesterday, as several pieces sold last week.
It makes the ideal base for my Christmas display.
I'd just like to thank Belinda for her post about the goings-on outside my shop recently, which she has posted on her Somerset blog here.
Thanks for dropping-by Nostalgia at the Stone House!
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous11:58 am

    Hi Niki,
    Fabulous post! and i am so happy the treasure posts get to stay.
    Right were do i start,ahh yes i love everything,the two brooches in the first picture with pink flowers are beautiful as is the sewing basket,the baby gowns are beautiful and i am in love with those photograph albums,beautiful mantle mirror and the Christmas cards are very cute indeed.
    Have a good day xxx

  2. Love all your gorgeous finds and the Christmas cards are soooo cute!

  3. Gosh what a fabulous spree, you'll have to let me know where these wonderful flea markets are? I love the Nouveau photo album and the mantle mirror - gorgeous, you are always an inspiration Niki.

  4. I particularly love the painting on milkglass - that is beautiful!

  5. Some wonderful finds as usual. I must drop by your shop soon!

  6. Lovely finds - it must feel like Christmas getting them all out again to photograph them. I don't think I could bear to sell any of it!
    My mum still has her Good Housekeeping book just like that - well used by all of us over the years.

  7. What a lovely post, with so many treasures. You certainly have a great talent for seeking out great bargains.

  8. Your blog is a joy to look at ...I've been looking a lot, finally decided to leave a message, If I had money Oh if I had money :)

  9. Ooooooh such deliciousness as ever Niki. How do you do it?!!! So looking forward to seeing you next week xxx

  10. I'm pleased to see you are keeping your treasure posts, you find such amazing things.
    Carol xx


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