Friday, September 28, 2012

One Week to Go!

I'm taking a short break from Blogging...
With just one week to go before our daughter's wedding, there's lots of last minute jobs to be completed. We'll be foraging along our local hedgerows for free flowers! More baking is on the agenda and then there will be the decorating of our local village hall nearer the time (It'll be a late night that night!) Lots to do and to think about, but I want to enjoy the process. My Mum is coming to stay next week to give us a helping hand, so it will be a lovely family affair.  
(I'll be in my shop as usual tomorrow, but then I shall be closed until October 11th.)
I'll leave you with this...Not that I don't think my little girl is a real catch for any man - (I really do!) -  But I just needed a little light relief this evening, that only Pam Ares could provide!...
Have a lovely weekend...
and following week,
Niki x
Yes, I’ll Marry You
by Pam Ayres
Yes, I’ll marry you, my dear, 
And here’s the reason why 
So I can push you out of bed When the baby starts to cry, 
And if we hear a knocking And it’s creepy and it’s late, 
I hand you the torch you see, And you investigate.
Yes I’ll marry you, my dear, 
You may not apprehend it, 
But when the tumble-drier goes It’s you that has to mend it, 
You have to face the neighbour Should our Labrador attack him, 
And if a drunkard fondles me It’s you that has to whack him.
Yes, I’ll marry you, You’re virile and you’re lean, 
My house is like a pigsty. You can help to keep it clean. 
That sexy little dinner, Which you served by candlelight, 
As I do chipolatas, You can cook it every night!
It’s you who has to work the drill and put up curtain track,
And When I've got PMT it's you who gets the flak,
I do see great advantages, 
But none of them for you, 
And so before you see the light, 
I do, I do, I do!


  1. Judging by the little snippets you've told us about your daughter's wedding it sounds like it's going to be a wonderful affair, hope all goes well and don't get too stressed!! Lucey x PS I put you a cheque in the post today.

  2. Forgot to say, I love that brooch in the picture. x

  3. Enjoy the celebrations, I hope the weather is beautiful and the wedding is amazing ! Blessings to the bride and groom.

  4. Hi Niki.
    Hugs to you and your family, best wishes your girl! ;o))
    Greetings, Mary.
    (with translator)

  5. enjoy (and wear comfy shoes!!)

  6. Hope all goes well, i'm sure it will and be an amazing day, really looking forward to seeing the photo's fingers crossed the sun shines too x Love the poem x
    Maggie xx

  7. Best wishes to you and your family! May it be a fabulous day for everyone!

  8. Hope all goes well at the wedding, that she has a wonderful day and it's the start of a long and happy life for them.

  9. Have the most fantastic time Niki!

    Best of wishes to the Bride and Groom! :o)


  10. Hi Mum,

    Hope it all goes well, *try* not to stress too much! I'm sure it will be incredible, and remember on the day itself to have lots of fun!!! :D

    I will be thinking of you all over the next week, I really wish I could be there. I will be glued to my laptop in the days following, waiting for photographs!!

    Love from Kay xxx

  11. Visiting your blog and meeting you has been a pleasure

  12. Wishing you all well and hope you enjoy it all hugely!

  13. Have a wonderful time Niki & I am so looking forward to reading all about it soon.

  14. Hope all goes well, have fun!
    Best wishes x

  15. Wishing you all avery happy wedding! Have a wonderful day, Jane xx


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