Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Quick Catch-up

Some photos taken in our garden this week...I wanted to capture some of the late summer sunshine we've had recently.

There's not been much time to sit and relax here though...

I can't tell you how much weeding I need to catch up on...
But at least on my blog it may fool you into thinking all is calm and organised here at the Stone House! 
I'm hoping that I may be able to harvest some of the late blooms for our daughter's wedding...
But with a couple of weeks still yet to go, anything could happen...
Hopefully the sedums will be something we can rely on...
They're a flower that always remind me of my Grandmother's garden, as she had masses of them lining her herbaceous borders which would attract hundreds of butterflies. 
Others may not fare so well if the weather turns on us soon.

I hope its not goodbye to summer just yet, but for sure, autumn is just around the corner.
Despite all the wedding preparations, I've still had time for some buying for the shop.
A lovely metal framed mirror, which had been painted in thick white gloss paint was one of my best buys.

A little 'Oh-la-la' -
Two c1950's French lingerie shop point-of-sale cards, complete with miniature undies - Perfect little scaled down versions of the real things!

(This little baby is staying with me.)
A fabulous (and very large) hand embroidered boudoir pillow from the 1920's in perfect condition, fresh from France.
(I sold today - thank you!)

 Lovely old floral French textile in an antique frame.
All of these and more arrived at my shop today and found their place on the shelves and displays...
I have lots of new mirrors, French textile boxes and the metal bed canopy (above) too.

Actually a piece from an old dressing table, but very attractive in its own right...The door to the little cupboard is on a swivel and is a mirror on the reverse.
Sea shells.

Edwardian print.
Antique tapestry kettle stand, all lovely and worn with age :)
Lots of new vintage brooches for my mannequin to wear...
And a tutu made from crochet lace doilies! 

Thank you for visiting...
Hope you are happy,

Update: I just wanted to mention my eldest daughter's blog. She recently travelled down to Christchurch in New Zealand for her Birthday and visited the CBD Red Zone 
- She's written a powerful post about the devastation there.
Niki x


  1. so many lovely things I must get over to your shop soon Niki!

  2. Your shop looks so pretty and inviting Niki, wish I lived near enough to visit. Absolutely love the poppy fabric in the vintage frame! Hope the weather stays fine and spares you some blooms for the wedding xxx

  3. Wonderful!!!
    Y Lovely! ;o))

  4. Good luck with the wedding. Love the bikinis, they are such fun. I now going to read your daughters blog as I was in Christchurch a couple of weeks before the earthquake.


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