Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Another Re-Shuffle!

My shopping trip at the weekend turned up a few treasures...Including this fabulous Victorian bodice. Although the condition was fairly frail, bought with some other items, it amounted to just a pound or two in price!
The hand stitched button holes are so neat and perfect.
It has two rows of delicate lace trim with rubbed velvet ribbons down the front opening...
And a generous ruffle of fine gathered lace which hide the button fastenings. 
The sleeves are the most gorgeous velvet on silk...I had to stitch up a couple of large holes on these, but these are only visible on close inspection.
All the seams are hand amazing amount of work to treasure.
I've displayed it on my wasp waist mannequin at the top of our stairs, on our freshly painted landing!
The wall cupboard was taken down to do the redecorating properly, which we are hoping to replace with the larger cabinet above; the one we took out of our kitchen a while ago as we felt there was just too much going on in there! I'd like to find some lovely old brackets first, to make the job a little easier, but hopefully they will enhance the look of the cupboard too.
We're pretty good at moving cupboards around in our house - I put it down to the fact that the house lacks alcoves, so any furniture we have usually protrudes into the square rooms, so it can be difficult to get it right...The smaller wall cupboard that I am replacing with the above, was one I displayed my antique shoe collection in...It can be seen at the end of this post, which is all about a mammoth cupboard move around! 

This other cupboard further along the landing is probably going to end up in my shop...(The contents can be condensed with my shoes into the one larger wall cabinet - the one I'm going to buy brackets for...if you are still with me! ;-))
We're thinking of just having a few of our favourite vintage pictures along this wall, to keep things simpler and less filled up.
Here's what's inside the cupboard at the moment...
The pair of blue posy vases are one of my most favourite things.

I think Lube-Lou is going to have to go to my shop too...Its time to say goodbye to this perfectly formed lady! I often see people walking past our house do a double-take when they see her in the window! ;-))
The rest of this week so far has had to be put on hold a little...I don't think I have ever mentioned on my blog before, but I suffer with back problems...The Doctors answer is to prescribe Diazepam...But that's not mine - I usually take things careful until the pain settles down again...This time I think it was picking up my granddaughter too many times on Monday (Can there be too many times?)...But things are calming down again, so I'll ease myself back into getting things done...
Such as all the ironing of these vintage laces that I bought at the weekend...Hopefully they will all be in the shop freshly pressed tomorrow.
Hope you are happy,
Niki x


  1. Love the boned corset top Niki, and the velvet and silk on the sleeves is edible! I am sorry to hear about your back problems and I agree, Diazepam seems a little extreme. Hope it is feeling better soon.
    Jo xx

  2. I'm finding your re shuffle much more interesting then certain others that have happened hehe.

    Love the Victorian bodice what a fab find. I wish I could get my cupboards to look like yours, such and eclectic mix of pretty vintage treasures.

    Hope your back pain heels soon.


  3. Everything is looking most lovely Niki! Take it easy with your back - I know how much back pain can slow you down.


  4. I STILL havent't had a chance to come and visit you! But I really will soon!

  5. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Do I spy a bunny with your grand-daugher?!


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