Monday, September 10, 2012

Buttons and Blooms

Been making these little button tins!
I added Victorian paper scraps to the front of vintage mini cake tins...
Filled them with an assortment of vintage black buttons (of which I seem to have an abundance)...
And wrapped them in a cello bag and tied with lace or ribbon.
At my shop this week.
Hubs and I stopped-off at the open garden at Mells again yesterday, after a buying trip. 
A wedding had taken place the day before and the flowers that were created for it by florist Jo were on display on the piano outside.
Time for tea!
Then a quick wander around the gardens which are full of late summer colour.

Once home I was able to sort through my purchases from my buying excursion...
My favourite purchase was a lovely old sewing machine in its original cabinet.

Its a hand machine...
Complete with its tool kit and attachments.
There's even the original manual and its guarantee!
Dating it to 1934.
And the best thing is, after a quick stitches beautifully!
By coincidence, there is an article in the new edition of Pretty Nostalgic magazine all about vintage sewing machines...
So I'll be able to create a display in my shop based around it!
Last week I took possession of a large quantity of old sewing supplies that had belonged to an old lady who had passed-away, so I have plenty to work with.

More of my haul. 

Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful autumn skies,
Niki x


  1. Love the little button tins Niki, and what a fabulous find that sewing machine is! Have just read the article in Pretty Nostalgic, would love a vintage machine, even though my sewing is very poor.

    Have a lovely week

    Claire xx

  2. What a lovely idea. So enjoy seeing your wonderful finds.

  3. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Just wanted to pop in to say that I found your blog (through Posy) and think it's wonderful. Thank you for sharing so much loveliness!

  4. I have a friend who is absolutely nutty about quilting and she buys sewing machines. I haven't figured out why she buys old machines but she does.

  5. I also like the button tins :-) Lovely idea.


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