Monday, September 17, 2012

Have I Ever Mentioned...?

Have I ever mentioned how much I love vintage textiles?! ;-))
Well, whilst at my local Antiques Fair at the weekend, I was completely unable to walk past this fantastic pouffe without buying it for our living room. 
The pouffe itself isn't particularly old, but it has been embellished with fragments of antique Indian saris around the top, which I loved. 
The patchwork of beautiful silk and embroidered pieces make it so unusual. 
And the colours work perfectly with all of the other textiles in the room...
Have you had the tour before?...
The patchwork curtains hanging at the window are beginning to show their age...I will soon have to add some patch repairs to them...I just hope I can keep them going, as they are one of my most favourite things.
We have a French linen sheet slip-covered wing back chair beside the window, with wonderful hand embroidered monograms on the back. The cushion is one I made from a rare French textile and some striped ticking.
One of the cupboards has a French fabric behind chicken wire panels in the doors.

Another cupboard has cotton toile curtains to hide its contents.
The sofas are covered in a mixture of textiles, including pieces of hand stitched quilt used as snugly cushion covers.
One has a bolster to add comfort along the back, which is covered in yet more antique French textiles.
A 'cosy quilt' over the foot stool makes an easy clean cover.
Eiderdowns stored for cosy winter evenings later in the year.
One of my rag dolls looks down on the room from her high vantage point on top of the dresser.
A violin covered in fabric...because every home should have one! 
A wooden box with fabric tacked onto each surface, hides some of my reading material...(Mostly old interior magazines that I can't bare to part with!)
Framed fabric as pretty as a picture.
A hand embroidered linen cloth softens a painted wooden apple box we use to store our logs for the fire.
A touch of lace.
Lavender sachets on a mirror frame.

Two little bags swing from a drawer handle. The small one came from Christine a long time ago.
A lampshade in another one of my favourite fabrics.
Antique textiley treasures inside a glazed cabinet, collected over many years.

A touch more lace at the window, hides the frames that I dislike so much
A dramatic quilt that I use over my knees when I need to feel warm in true Granny-chic style! :)
More lavender creations...The ballet boot sachet was a gift from Ginny almost 5 years ago now! Gulp! 
Finally, a little tapestry kneeling pad for tending the fire...
Not that I'm textile obsessed you understand?!...And the rest of the house? - That's a whole other story...
Hope you've had a lovely day,
Niki x


  1. Anonymous7:46 pm

    I can move in tomorrow!

  2. Well I wouldn't know where to start ooing and ahhing at all those lovely textiles. Your room looks really cosy. I will say how much I love that pouffe though. No wonder you couldn't leave it.

  3. You and I would do much damage together at an antique fair ! lol
    I feel so much better when I see somebody else's passions running throught their veins like they do in mine.
    Your collection is simply divine and I have really truly enjoyed admiring it all. Thankyou for sharing the beauty x

  4. What a lovely collection of beautiful things! I'm really fond of old quilts and can never seem to have enough... Jane xx

  5. i love vintage textiles too, but i dont buy many funny that, probably because its just another thing to collect and find a home for....!


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