Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Thanks

Thank you to Belinda for the lovely post that she has just added to her 'A Town in Somerset' blog.
Its wonderful to have such an ally in Shepton Mallet - Belinda works hard to promote all that is good in the town and has been of great support to me in the past.

Niki x
PS: I've heard that 'Turn Back Time; The High Street' is now being shown on TV in Canada. For anyone living in Canada who happens to stop-by my blog and is enjoying the programmes, I have lots of background photos of the series that I took whilst filming was going on outside my shop in 2010. Just scroll down my blog's side bar for a list of the episodes if you are interested. (For example: 1870's.)


  1. Hi Niki!
    I am fortunate to know this place and your wonderful creations!
    Your shop is a magical place!
    From vsitare absolutely ..
    I hope to return as soon
    as possible. ;o))
    Enjoy, Mary.

  2. A quick hello Niki! How exciting to have the show shown in Canada. I've been on 'Come Dine With Me' and that's due to be shown late September... but I'm not sure I'm looking forward to actually seeing it...!! Jane xx

  3. ohhhh Niki, Belinda did a great job!
    Your store is really a dream,
    like all your work.
    See you next year.
    Love Susy x

  4. Your shop is a very special place, Niki :-) I will have to pop in again, soon. x


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Niki xx