Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time to Tidy

It had to be done! - I spent half of the day today sorting out my very untidy workroom...
I've been trying to be ruthless and clear out some of the things I know I shall never use, which I shall save and offer for sale at the Vintage Jumble Sale in November.
I do feel slightly ashamed of my messy space when I look back to 2008 when I first set up my workroom...
But it is very much a working environment and I get a lot done in my little hideaway.

It was another very gloomy day today, so I'm sorry the photos aren't great...my workroom is down in the basement, so natural daylight is a little limited.

At least I managed to clear my sewing table and am now able to pull back the little curtains that have remained drawn for several months!

(A cushion I have made for a friend who has offered to help at my daughter's wedding.)

Quarter to five was time to think about cooking the evening meal...
So the rest of my very untidy pit is going to have to wait!

Have a lovely evening,
Niki x

PS: I've just realised this is my 900th post on this blog! - Thank you for visiting me here...its always nice to welcome you :)  x 


  1. aren't workrooms always the best rooms; at least you can actually get INTO yours and sit down, mine is a bit too full at the moment but once I make some room in the shed...

    hope you're having a good week Niki

  2. Can I come and play in your workroom? You have such pretty things.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. What an absolutely lovely lamp!

  4. Anonymous6:01 pm

    congratulations on 900 posts! Love the cushion You made Your friend. Youve such a pretty workroom,I LOve it,Xxxx

  5. Congratulations on 900 consistently gorgeous posts, Niki! WOW! ! ! And I would also love to come visit your workroom! AND your lovely shop! ! ! :)

  6. A tidy workroom is a sign that nothing is being created!

  7. Why does YOUR mess look so interesting and exciting, while mine just looks like mess? It's not fair. xx


Thank you for finding the time to visit me...
Niki xx