Monday, August 21, 2006

Cupboard Make-Over

I bought this little French wall cupboard a few weeks ago. It was very scruffy and had a mirror in the door. In a Bathroom this would have been useful, but I wanted to put it in our sitting room, so a make-over was called for!

After giving it a good clean and removing the mirror, I gave it a coat of Ruby Red paint. I love red and use it a lot in our home. All I needed for this project was one of those small tester pots of emulsion paint.
I had some scraps of vintage wallpaper, which I used to line the inside of the cupboard....

Finally, I made a little patchwork curtain, using some of my vintage Rose print fabrics. I backed it in some red ticking, as it will be seen when the door is opened. This was then threaded on some sprung curtain wire and fixed behind the opening in the door.

This is the finished result. I shall post another photo when it is up on the wall and in use!


  1. Hello Niki,
    I love your little French wall cupboard!It's absolutely lovely with the red paint, vintage wallpaper and the patchwork curtains.You are amazing!I just can't wait to see a photo when it's up on the wall.

  2. Now that is really cute!


  3. You have an amazing eye Niki! It is just stunning,what a transformation!

  4. That is so lovely! I am rubbish at things like that but I am feeling inspired now!

  5. Niki, I love your cupboard & your hats are truly scrumptious! I especially like your cute hat-stand with the little head on it too. Happy-hat-hunting to you!

  6. Wow thats baeutiful! I love the red colour and the patchwork is gorgeous! Well done!

  7. The cupboard turned out really well! Love the patchwork curtain.

  8. Oh dear oh dear this is too cute.
    Found you on farmgirlcyn.
    I do this stuff too and sell to the public.
    If you chose, I have two blogspots. . .one with "projects"

  9. Oh' my goodness!...sooo lovely!...I love your blog...soooo inspiring!!!

  10. Anonymous11:21 am

    Hi Niki, I just had to tell you (as so many others have!) how really lovely the cupboard is! Those fabrics in the patchwork curtain are gorgeous! Speak soon! Clare xx

  11. How clever you are Niki. That patchwork curtain is perfect and what a delightful surprise you get when you open the door and see the pretty vintage wallpaper inside. Just gorgeous :-)

  12. Thanks everyone for such kind comments! I may have to wait a week or two for the cupboard to make it onto the wall...due to hubs business trip...I could try myself, but me and power tools are not a good mix!

  13. Simply wonderful, Niki - I'm so jealous!

  14. Anonymous3:44 pm

    I just found your web site... am totally enjoying it.. love old hats and fabric.. from the wisconsin woods..

  15. Anxiously awaiting new ideas.
    Thank you for you kind notes.


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